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Manifesting Money Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
I'm not one to put a priority on "focusing on the money," but sometimes we are actually in need of a money miracle and there is no better place to put our intentions. This meditation is for you if you want to attract more money into your life TODAY. Doing this meditation will open you up to new ideas, possibilities, and money-making opportunities to take action as soon as you're done the meditation. Good Luck and share your stories.
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Walter J
Great focus on the power of breathing life & all that is good in and exhaling limiting beliefs & all that is bad out. While I thought it would be more money focused, it was really about making room to “receive” more (of anything) by giving away what you already have but do not want or need. So it works for more things than just money. I can see it also helping with any health issues, relationships and even self esteem. Really, anything you want to change I guess. Relax & Breath. Exhale to clear out a space. Inhale What you Want! Repeat. Also gives instructions what to do for Energy blockages. Focus on tight spot in body, then breathe into it to loosen it up... (I saw myself rolling a knot in a rope to soften & loosen it up in order to untangle it). Exhale to clear it out & make room for something better! Must give up a lower energy to gain a higher energy. (Cannot climb higher on a ladder without letting go of a lower rung) Very well done overall! Seems easy to do... can do it anywhere... does not take long... instant relief... I will be using this more often! Thanks again Aura!! ❤️☮️🍀
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
A nice reminder
A nice reminder that many of the stories that we tell her selves around money or just that - stories.
Attitude of Gratitude
We may have misconceptions floating around in our mind regarding money. These stories that we tell ourselves though, these limiting beliefs, can actually prevent us from manifesting abundance in our lives. In this meditation, Bradley gives us some tools that we can use to rid ourselves of any stress we may be having surrounding money or anything really and ends the meditation with us focusing on the one thing that will bring more abundance into our lives. This one thing is obtaining and maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Breathing in deeply into the areas of my body where I felt tension, I envisioned these tight balls unravel more and more with each out breath. After a few times of doing this, my body was emptied of any stress or negativity. Releasing any energy that was of no use to me, I was now ready to begin filling myself up with new positive energy, most notably focusing on gratitude. With each new breath I took, I began receiving the abundance of life. With each breath I released, I gave back to the Universe. This cycle of giving and receiving not only grounded me, but also gave me a sense of connection to all of life. I began feeling grateful for this breath, for this body, for all that I have in this life. I will continue having an attitude of gratitude so that I may remain open to receiving all the Universe has to offer me! Thank you Bradley for such a powerful meditation! I will listen often. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I felt emotions come up. Of feeling guilty and selfish for leaving a my job. I noticed that’s healing is possible and meditation is powerful I learned that this will help me gain my strength back.
Be abundant
To receive more, you gotta give more! Bradley helps to reinstate some limiting belief surrounding abundance with his soothing voice ♥️
In order to receive more you have to look for the spaces where you can give, that’s such a beautiful statement. Looking at your life and seeing and feeling abundance and gratitude for all the things you do have can change the stories that you have in your head about money.By changing that blueprint you can change your life.
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