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Manifestation and Empathetic Joy

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Empathetic Joy is delight in others' good fortune. When we view the world through the eyes of abundance, there's not much we can fail to attract into our own lives. www.christina-mcmahon.com
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3 reflections
Reverse empathy
Empathy comes easy when someone has something bad happen to them or suffering is felt. That is because we have all felt suffering and had bad experiences. To celebrate and feel another persons success is something I have never done before or even considered. Positivity breeds positivity and instead of feeling jealous about another’s success I can celebrate them and use their success to create my own. Simply amazing.
Empathetic joy
It is an amazing meditation for me, to remember to help others be incredibly joyful, and by helping myself.
I am in complete control of how I feel. Especially towards others. Joy and happiness are for all. I will give as much as I receive