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Manifest While You Sleep

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Just before you sleep, your subconscious is very open to suggestions. That’s because when you’re drowsy, it's harder for your thinking mind to block or resist new ideas. In this meditation, you’ll first get nice and relaxed. Then you’ll bring to mind something you want to manifest: abundance, love, health, peace of mind, or any goal. You’ll visualize this briefly before you drift off to sleep. If you do this practice regularly, you’ll begin to notice more golden opportunities to act on in your waking life, which will help you turn your intentions into a lived reality. Get ready to manifest!
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Why I made this track
I’m into manifestation, and VERY into sleep! So I created a meditation that combines these two things. Bringing to mind your intentions for your life just before you drift off to sleep is so powerful. It’s a simple and relaxing way to start reprogramming your subconscious mind to help you manifest your desires. Here’s how that works: we receive SO much sensory information during the day that it’s hard to take it all in. But when your subconscious is holding a clear intention, it will start to filter that sensory info differently, carefully selecting things to show you that could become valuable opportunities for you to act on. There are so many studies on this - it really works!! Have fun with this sleep practice, and please tell me how it went for you!❤️😴
my experience.
i learned that a little peace and quiet now and then helps a lot.
I feel that when I manifest my breathing in and out I feel a little bit better listening to this mediation has helped me out .
Walter J
What a great way to get your Dream Seeds planted into your subconscious mind. I felt so dreamy like, but in slow motion... like the movie Inception. I am excited for my seeds to grow & come to fruition. Definitely marked as a favorite and should be easy enough to learn to do it by myself soon! Namaste, ❤️🎥🍀 ❤️
Walter J
Inserting ...
Relaxed... Sinking... A sliver of light appears... I insert my dream seed... Time to grow 💚😴🍀
Manifesting Life
I like the idea of planting seeds into myself before I go to sleep in order for them to blossom when I awake. I need to remember to speak God's word over my life daily, especially before I go to sleep and right as I wake up. We speak things into existence, so we need to make sure we are careful with our thoughts and speech. Lord, please help me to hold your promises dear to my heart and to claim your provisions. Help me to be mindful of how I think and speak 🙏. Please help me to sleep better and make the best out of each day I am blessed with.
Keep calm and relax It helps me to relax my mind before going to sleep
I learned that the space or sliver between sleep and wakefulness is vulnerable to intrusive thoughts so being intentional and focusing on a beloved image or positive goal will set the framework for productive or rejuvenating sleep
I felt connected
I felt connected to myself and my desire to relax before sleep. I was self aware
Following her lead, I actually fell asleep for about 11 seconds and then woke back up to her voice on command to remember breathing!! Wow!! It was awesome! Now - I can use this practice! I think I know what it feels like to be hypnotized 🤗👋💕 Thank you 😊
My seeds
I learned to access that little sliver of a light in my mind and how to plant seeds
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