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Managing Your Technology Usage for a Happy Healthy Life

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
Technology has both a strong positive and negative affect on our lives. This recording helps you learn how to figure out and take action on when your phone, laptop, tablet, social media and more are serving and not serving your life.
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Good Vs Bad Technology
It is good to set boundaries with your screen time. This life lesson talks about the good verses bad with technology. There is a lot of good uses for technology. However, when we are constantly on our devices it can cause us more harm than good by creating extra stress in our lives. For me at night I leave my phone in the kitchen and between the hours of 10pm-6am any text messages or phone calls unless emergency will not wake me up with a notification. I also do not use my laptop after 9pm because it makes it harder for me to wind down at night. I feel I have a good balance with screen time.
Thought Provoking
I loved this! It made me really think about, not just my technology relationship, but my childrens’ as well. It’s something to truly take it to consideration and make adjustments. Thank you for this moment.
I've decided to take a break from all social media platforms. It's overtaking my thoughts. There's way too much negativity and the need to argue has Become to great. I used to never be that way. I am making a pledge to limit my phone usage to maybe an hour a day at most, only for joyful things like aura and when my kids send me tic toks lol!
Phone & Social Media
my phone can bring lots of joys and lots of negativity. I realise my phone and social media makes me feel more detached and isolated rather than social and involved. Make a list of - Positive / Negative apps - How I can alter negative apps * delete them, add time limits, change who I follow - what I gain from social media and my phone - what I miss out from by using the above ** it was interesting to know children under 1 should not be shown screens , this made me realise when I’m in a restaurant I see kids on tablets playing game rather than spending time with family... but I also normally check my feeds whilst waiting for food too! Before phones people on trains, drs ect would talk to others around them, read a book or just relax and unwind. I constantly am checking my phone, or listening to music through my phone I’m never truly alone in my thoughts or space. Try and go for walks without music playing in my AirPods or try to enjoy a journey without my phone.
So it comes down to if the technology benefits outweigh the suffering caused.
I decided to take a break from social media at the beginning of 2020 and it has been a great decision. I’ve had a much easier time maintaining a positive outlook and mindset than if I was being bombarded with news images and other people’s thoughts/feeling. Also been trying to reduce overall screentime and both have been very positive changes for me. Peace & Love to all
The fact that I balk at the idea of putting my phone down for an extended period tells me I have a problem. So there in lies my goal…
I’m seriously learning about how meditation will work for stress
I learned that if you are stressed out or if you have had a stressful day just meditate and relax besides stressful day deserves a restful night and I’ve noticed that when I meditate something just comes up and taps me and says hey Margo meditation is over you can relax now and with meditation and I feel at peace and I can relax and just breathe and that’s god’s way of saying I’ve got this you can relax and just breathe that is why I love the meditations the people on here are always helping you relax and stay calm and it’s like yoga