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Managing Negative Unhelpful Thoughts

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When our mood is low, we can spiral into unhelpful, negative thoughts. Use this track to help you work through these unhelpful thoughts with a classic cognitive-behavioral technique, with a compassionate spin.
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7 reflections
What to do when unhelpful thoughts are true
Thank you in this session for not just talking about what to do when unhealthy thoughts are inaccurate, but what to do when they are true… lean into the difficult feelings. Give self compassion anf treat self like I would a friend who was facing same emotions.
I’ve learned that giving of myself. My time, my energy, my resources is the most fulfilling experience.
Me yesterday
Just met someone new and he seemed to avoid me asking to spend time with him. We just met I read too much into stuff.
Stephie 💜
Intrusive thoughts session 2
I can’t stop the unhelpful thought but I can change the unhelpful thought- by basically asking myself is this thought based in reality? Is this helping me? Is there evidence for or against this intrusive thought. It’s normal to have intrusive thoughts you can’t help that but you can turn it around for yourself. Treat yourself as if your your own best friend - you would be mean to them. You would look at the situation and offer support. That’s what I would like to learn from this.
Look at evidence and how this can help you see things more clearly.
Look after yourself and understand unhelpful thoughts can be looked at more clearly with evidence.
Negative Thoughts
Good exercise. Through the writing exercise it became clear that I am not at fault for an issue that comes up in my life and for which I blame myself.
Negative thoughts
When I first wrote my situation I made a generalization and couldn’t accurately complete the evidence columns. I am going to do it again and think of a particular situation.