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Managing Difficult Emotions

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Jonathan Lee
Mindfulness and well-being coach
So often when we are having a tough time emotionally, our minds tend to close down on the problem making it feel so much worse. We need to allow some space for the mind to see some possibility and another way to digest or process the current situation. A wider view.
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Okay ✅ I’m done with my appointment at the same church I am in the center right side by my phone 📱 my alarm 🚨 my turn to my alarm 🚨 and then I’m going back and all of this morning I love it so good I can’t sleep 😴 so I’m going on my bed
This helped set my thoughts and mind right. Going over a negative situation in my mind.....the sky and nature is vast. I can be too. Thank you.
Taking Breaks
First, I want to thank you for having this much needed meditation. I have a few rough days and last night I broke in the most intense way. The feelings I were having hurt so deep that I couldn’t even begin to not having some kind of breakdown. I have anger issues and I do tend to say things that aren’t really nice. I was taken to a deep, dark place and my heart was beyond broken. I am still dealing with it today but it’s better. I’ve kind of accepted it. Now, taking breaks as said in this meditation, and looking up to the clouds and taking deep breaths and feeling the negative feelings dissipate sounds like a total positive behavior and I’m willing to experience that. I look forward to improving my emotions in a much more positive aspect.