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Manage Your Thoughts: Overthinking

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Overthinking can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, or frustrated. It can leave you feeling depleted. It can be hard to stop the cycle and begin to move forward. This track discusses one strategy to help combat overthinking so that you can begin to break the cycle.
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11 reflections
I am a overthinker I’m also a black and white thinker. I’ve read books how to fix my problems to podcasts to religion.
Try not to put to much into little things, I am struggling with that cause sometimes the little things in this life is what matters the most.
Big overthinker here!
I’ve been better with overthinking but have noticed it does take over my mind and has overall been effecting my mental health. This strategy/ practice to help overcome it was helpful & I will definitely start using.
I’ve noticed lately that getting stuck in the past is really unhealthy. Have struggled with trying to figure out how my past and past choices have led me to where I am today. By trying to quietly stay in the moment, I’ve learned that all I really want is peace in the world and unity among all people. Mindfulness practice, prayer and using this app have helped me realize that we’re all unified with a single purpose: love each other.
I came to realize that I over think in just maybe the past few years. Overthinking has controlled my life. Are there any books you may suggest or anything to help?
Overthinking equals overstimulation
Whenever I find myself getting caught up in overthinking thought loops, I usually get even more caught up in them. It can be challenging to slow down my thoughts sometimes which can be good as well as bad. By practicing mindfulness I can bring myself back to the present moment and try to achieve a moment of serenity
I learned that mindfulness can help limit overthinking, by taking deep breaths and being aware of it.
Perfect Timing
I’m in an overthinking dilemma right now, so this is exactly what I need
Stop the spiral
1 Recognize - oh, this spiral 2 Tell yourself Halt! Stop! 3 few deep breaths 4 focus on this moment 5 gentle questions - how do I feel, what do I need Practice, practice, practice
Find a soothing, accessible activity
Riding motorcycles used to magically erase an overthinking spiral. In 15 minutes OR LESS, I’d be thinking, “What was I worried about? Everything is fine!” Looking for a new curative action: I know it’s out there…!
I learned to say STOP when I catch myself overthinking. I can also remind myself that the thoughts are not helpful.
Telling my self to stop when I catch myself overthinking would allow me to consider what exactly is on my mind. My feelings my stress or frustration. I can start taking action rather than the downward spiral of thoughts. I must remind myself that the circle of thoughts are not helpful. I can begin to consider other options. I can begin to move forward. I need to practice with awareness and patience.