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Manage Your Thoughts: Learn To STOPP

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
We all feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even angry sometimes. These emotions can be difficult to manage at times. You might find yourself reacting impulsively or even reacting in a way that may make the situation worse. If this sounds familiar, use this short track to help you learn to STOPP and respond in a more intentional way.
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Artavia Lineszy
Slow down
At first I thought this lesson is perfect for my ex husband. Cause he gets angry and starts punching walls. I even planned on sending the lesson to him. Then Spirit said, “When you get angry you over eat.” So I turn my pointer finger from my ex husband to myself.
New Challenges
Looking at everything I need to do to achieve a big goal is overwhelming. I need to remember to break things down both in practice and in my mind. Take all the breaths I need and pull back from the stress.
Don't do it!
I can use this STOPP to think before I act impulsively. I want to change a certain behavior and I need to STOPP. NOT ONLY Take a breath but also THINK T Today you can do differently H Helpful to resist the behavior I Insist on Stopping to Think N Not this time, maybe next time but Not Now K Kick butt of the behavior.