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Manage Your Thoughts: Flexible Thinking

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Flexible thinking is the ability to shift your thinking in response to new circumstances. It is the ability to view the situation from another perspective. Working to improve your flexible thinking can help you to be more accepting and feel less distressed or upset.
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3 reflections
Flexible thinking
I realized thru listening to this meditation- that when I’m feeling stuck/overwhelmed - i sometimes take out the frustration of my stuck-ness/feelings of being overwhelmed - on those that are trying to support me. This is something i am working to change - & actively working on - since i know that stress is my enemy - especially w my MS diagnosis & the anxiety the symptoms bring on top of other life stressors. & especially knowing processing stressful situations was never something i was good at.
Nice concept
I think this has to be practiced more and more. Nice if one can find a program on this subject Like a 20 or 30 program
Survival of the adaptable
In life I’ve learned that rigid and stubborn thinking can lead to negative outcomes. When we adapt to our environment and learn new ways of thinking through others, we gain a better understanding of the world around us. Being adaptable also allows us to experience empathy for one another. When I begin to practice being pliable, like the rubber band, I can begin to understand other people’s perspectives and points of view.