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Manage Your Thoughts: Flexible Thinking

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Flexible thinking is the ability to shift your thinking in response to new circumstances. It is the ability to view the situation from another perspective. Working to improve your flexible thinking can help you to be more accepting and feel less distressed or upset.
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Flexible thinking
I realized thru listening to this meditation- that when I’m feeling stuck/overwhelmed - i sometimes take out the frustration of my stuck-ness/feelings of being overwhelmed - on those that are trying to support me. This is something i am working to change - & actively working on - since i know that stress is my enemy - especially w my MS diagnosis & the anxiety the symptoms bring on top of other life stressors. & especially knowing processing stressful situations was never something i was good at.
Nice concept
I think this has to be practiced more and more. Nice if one can find a program on this subject Like a 20 or 30 program
Survival of the adaptable
In life I’ve learned that rigid and stubborn thinking can lead to negative outcomes. When we adapt to our environment and learn new ways of thinking through others, we gain a better understanding of the world around us. Being adaptable also allows us to experience empathy for one another. When I begin to practice being pliable, like the rubber band, I can begin to understand other people’s perspectives and points of view.
I learned that being flexible shows I’m creative and resilient. Thin about how someone else may approach the same issue and consider it.
I immediately grasped the two examples
I don’t want to think I am rigid intolerant fixed in my opinions but I am and it is well to be introduced to the subject and play with it look at it immerse myself. I’m going to listen again
Rubber Band
I learned that I am 100% the Crayon. I surely miss being able to see a therapist. I miss it a lot. I once had this amazing therapist who was good at reframing thoughts. I remember during one particular session I mentioned to her that after I left that “I have to go get a birthday card for someone.” She immediately stopped me and said instead of saying “you have to” try changing it to “I want to go get a birthday card.” I will always carry this with me forever.
Flexible thinking
This was a great analogy for thinking, too much I have been using a crayon to think and I need to be more like a rubber band and look at things from another perspective, particularly around things that frustrate me that others do, I need to look at it from their point of view and try and gain an understanding of their thinking as it is different to mine
I have really learned that flexible thinking is so important for our mental health and allowing overthinking to not take over my mind. 😊
Flexible thinking
Flexible thinking is important to produce better solutions, understand another’s point of view, and to be more at peace and less angry.
Crayons and rubber bands
It’s easy to see rigidity in other people and think that I am better or have adapted more And that I somehow Have an more easygoing attitude but that’s me being judgmental. It’s quick for me to judge so that probably is crayon behavior. It keeps me fixed feeling right, justified, Better than, ahead of others in a way that I am thinking “well they’ll see my point of view and get there at some point.” Attitude. It’s all kind of unfeeling and nasty and doesn’t have anything to do with being flexible I get to stay smug so while I’d like to be a rubber band I better keep focusing on my crayon-mess. I want things a certain way and it is my way. Seeing my rigidity will actually help me get flexible!
I need to be more flexible with my thoughts and feelings. I need to be open to other points of view. I can benefit from this by growing and loving from doing so. I don't want to be rigid. Not even some of the time.
Flexible thinking
How would someone else approach this problem ? What are the alternative ways of doing that ? What can I learn from someone else thinking
As a deadline apporaoches two then feeling stressed . Let’s try thinking flexibly to take the pressure off.
Looking from different perspectives and asking for help are things I should do more often.
Outside the box
I had a boss many years ago who was great at this, and he facilitated others in doing the same. Still today, if I get stuck on an answer, I think “What would Bill do?” This is to actually make me think, how would he approach this? It works every time!
There’s often more than one way of looking at things that may lead to more options and greater outcomes
An important skill in an ever changing world to bend and be flexible
Another Pount Of View
I am struggling in life right now. I mean for the most part I’m doing ok. It’s the things that have happened in the past few months that have affected me the most. I’m on a time limit on a project and can’t seem to start it. Listening to this, I think, has shown me another way to view a problem. I’m quick to answer w/out thinking, which sometimes gets me in a bind. If I would only value the situation more and think of ways that can make it more positive than negative. Thank you so much for allowing everyone to listen to your words.