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Manage Overwhelm: Increase Productivity

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
In today’s world, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. Many of us have “to do” lists that never seem to end. You may feel stuck in an impossible cycle. This short track discusses a strategy to help you simplify your day, reduce your feelings of overwhelm and increase your productivity.
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Good idea
I often find myself with a big ass list of things that need to get done and when I sit down to tackle it I have no clue what I'm doing. I think focusing on three things will help me greatly in prioritizing my work.
Mile long todo list.
My to-do list is a mile long and a mile deep. I would love to get just three things done each day
Susan Griffin
Three things
I like the idea of focusing on just three things to do everyday.
This is exactly what we’re taught in ADHD workshops to conquer overwhelm. 3 things
workshops - not more than 3 things a day on your To Do list to avoid overwhelm.
Just write 3’things on my to do list. To increase productivity. Each day write 3 things I want to achieve. No more
Kamala Wilson
I knew the strategy I just needed to be reminded of it!
Establishing the strategy today! Going to list and live! Making a promise to myself and plan to hold myself accountable l!!
I do employ this strategy but have a list of 10 things to complete each day. Too many i find.
Simplify. List only 3 things this will improve focus and inspire a sense of achievement
Choose 3
A major factor of feeling overwhelmed is having a large to-do list. We might accomplish 1 task, only to add 5 more to the list. That list is mixed with tasks that range from needing to get done, and wanting to get done if we can get to it. By choosing 3 things to get done in a day, it gives us a chance to mindfully prioritize important tasks and not worry about cleaning out the list. We may surprise ourselves and get more done than we actually thought.
Overcoming overwhelmed
Today, I learned that overcoming overwhelming feelings involves choosing three priority tasks each day. Typically, I find myself wanting to accomplish numerous things daily, leading to accomplishing nothing. This tendency often occurs during manic episodes with racing thoughts. I have not tried this tip before, but I am planning to incorporate it into my daily habits.
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