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Making Room For New Possibilities

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In this practice, we make room for new possibilities. This meditation helps you to let go of the things that have been weighing you down and the stories from your past, so that you can move forward, feeling lighter and stronger, and create space for new beginnings and possibilities in your life.
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Spacious and Free
Getting myself comfortable, I placed my focus on my breath. Focused on my breath, I zoomed out a little to include my body in my awareness. I scanned my body for any tension present and allowed for softening to occur. Softening into this moment, I visualized a jetty reaching out onto the ocean at night. As I walked toward the end of the jetty, I heard laps of waves gently crashing against it. I began to feel lighter as I got closer to the end as each step I took was an opportunity to let go of the stories and beliefs that have held me back from fully experiencing life. I took a seat at the end of the jetty. With my legs dangling off the end, I looked out to the vast ocean. Nothing between me and the horizon, I felt so spacious and free. As I continued to look out, a glimmer of light began to show itself and immediately stretched across the vast ocean to me. Beginning to feel it’s warmth on my face, I smiled. Filling myself with this light, I felt so spacious and free. In this beautiful moment, I set my intention, may I allow myself the space for new possibilities. Setting this intention, I sensed a renewal within me. Indeed, new possibilities are here. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Comfort and discomfort
I could actually see myself on the jetty and hear the waves because of the darkness I felt a little discomfortable and being so alone. I felt comfort as I sat on the jetty and peace as I was in a place to relax and be. Then the part of the vastness of the view instead of feeling possibilities I was again uncomfortable. I wanted to be part of the living world versus looking remotely at it. Once the sun touched my face I felt instantly comforted as I did until the rest of that journey. I know that my issues with feeling alone figure in greatly to my specific journey, however I felt greatly comforted by the whole experience and I will listen to this again. Maybe some day I can be peaceful throughout this journey and my baggage will be left on the shore. Thank you for the amazing journey!
I love this it’s exactly what I need right now.
I had difficulty with the visualisations though but that is something I always struggle with.
One of the best visualization meditations on Aura. Thank you. Truly needed this in my life right now.
Cheryl Ann
so helpful🙏🏻
i was able to whole heartedly visualize what i needed to / was guided to! truly felt the discarding and the space for moving forward☀️
I noticed that visualizing letting go is a very powerful meditation technique. The descriptive words of the surroundings really transported me. I felt emotional at the end to the point that tears started streaming down my face.
I felt worry and anxiety melt away and felt space opening up for positivity. I loved the ocean sunrise.
I didn’t know I was waking up w anxious thoughts in the back of my mind and I thought this was a good way to start the day.
Feeling Centered
I learned that I really enjoy starting the day with meditation as it helps me calm my mind and set my intentions for the day.
I gor distracted by thoughts of michael
Some thought are ok to take over when they are of love. Is this love? I think so
Therry Frey
New possibilities
Nice voice and pace. I like the opening to new possibilities. Positive start of the day.
Therry Frey
New possibilities
Nice voice and pace. I like the opening to new possibilities. Positive start of the day
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