Spacious and Free
Getting myself comfortable, I placed my focus on my breath. Focused on my breath, I zoomed out a little to include my body in my awareness. I scanned my body for any tension present and allowed for softening to occur. Softening into this moment, I visualized a jetty reaching out onto the ocean at night. As I walked toward the end of the jetty, I heard laps of waves gently crashing against it. I began to feel lighter as I got closer to the end as each step I took was an opportunity to let go of the stories and beliefs that have held me back from fully experiencing life. I took a seat at the end of the jetty. With my legs dangling off the end, I looked out to the vast ocean. Nothing between me and the horizon, I felt so spacious and free. As I continued to look out, a glimmer of light began to show itself and immediately stretched across the vast ocean to me. Beginning to feel it’s warmth on my face, I smiled. Filling myself with this light, I felt so spacious and free. In this beautiful moment, I set my intention, may I allow myself the space for new possibilities. Setting this intention, I sensed a renewal within me. Indeed, new possibilities are here. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️