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Making a Big Decision

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We have to make decisions all day long and yet when it comes to making big life decisions, we can find it really hard to know whether we're making the "right" decision, and as a result often find ourselves feeling paralysed. Learn the 3 things that can help you to make these big decisions.
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Making big decisions
Humans adapt well ... there is a chance for pain but you will be ok It’s an aspect of living life to the fullest !
I felt that
This made me think about the decisions I have to and had to make and it was really helpful
Big decisions
I learned that a lot of the limitations I put on myself come from the fear I harbor which in return hurt my ability to make big decisions. But I will have to start trusting my gut and mental pointers.
It kind of opened my eyes
She was completely right with what she was saying and it will definitely help with my future decision making process!
Loved this meditation. Very timely, as well.
I’ve decided to buy a house. I’m not letting fear consume me.
Making Big Decisions
What I have felt about my gut instincts all along is real and purposeful.....I need to use it along with my values, and adaptability to move forward with my life.
Making a big decision
I couldn’t concentrate tonight as my mind wandered as I listened. Will visit this again as I know my gut feeling truly is important
Listen to that gut-feeling!
I do have a strong gut feel about people and things happening to me, so this was so reassuring to listen to. My mind is focused and I will move to Australia when I’m done with studying to become a nurse! Maybe one year after, but I will move to Australia or New Zealand!
Making a big decision
I am pretty fierce when I step out of the fear of what am I going to do (feel, if being real!) with all the things “under the rug” Well, I have a really user friendly tool box! Aura made something inside me snap one night... I actually felt something in my chest, having been unable to even feel the deep breath above my diaphragm in my medications; but to know it was a spark/ even though very brief, I recognized it. Now the joy of knowing Im going in the correct direction, I also know I no longer need to live in fear of living.
Making a big decision
To me, decisions are the hardest thing to do but I realised that with only thinking about what you really like or need they became very easy and even more when is about something that you need to let go.
Day 1
You most definitely have to trust your gut decision to ensure that you’re acknowledging what it is that you’re feeling.
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