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Making a Big Decision

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We have to make decisions all day long and yet when it comes to making big life decisions, we can find it really hard to know whether we're making the "right" decision, and as a result often find ourselves feeling paralysed. Learn the 3 things that can help you to make these big decisions. 
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Making big decisions
Humans adapt well ... there is a chance for pain but you will be ok It’s an aspect of living life to the fullest !
I felt that
This made me think about the decisions I have to and had to make and it was really helpful
Big decisions
I learned that a lot of the limitations I put on myself come from the fear I harbor which in return hurt my ability to make big decisions. But I will have to start trusting my gut and mental pointers.
It kind of opened my eyes
She was completely right with what she was saying and it will definitely help with my future decision making process!
Loved this meditation. Very timely, as well.
I’ve decided to buy a house. I’m not letting fear consume me.
Making Big Decisions
What I have felt about my gut instincts all along is real and purposeful.....I need to use it along with my values, and adaptability to move forward with my life.
Making a big decision
I couldn’t concentrate tonight as my mind wandered as I listened. Will visit this again as I know my gut feeling truly is important
Listen to that gut-feeling!
I do have a strong gut feel about people and things happening to me, so this was so reassuring to listen to. My mind is focused and I will move to Australia when I’m done with studying to become a nurse! Maybe one year after, but I will move to Australia or New Zealand!
Making a big decision
I am pretty fierce when I step out of the fear of what am I going to do (feel, if being real!) with all the things “under the rug” Well, I have a really user friendly tool box! Aura made something inside me snap one night... I actually felt something in my chest, having been unable to even feel the deep breath above my diaphragm in my medications; but to know it was a spark/ even though very brief, I recognized it. Now the joy of knowing Im going in the correct direction, I also know I no longer need to live in fear of living.
Making a big decision
To me, decisions are the hardest thing to do but I realised that with only thinking about what you really like or need they became very easy and even more when is about something that you need to let go.
Day 1
You most definitely have to trust your gut decision to ensure that you’re acknowledging what it is that you’re feeling.
I learned that decisions don’t make you. You make them. Learn to just go with the flow and don’t get to stressed about things.
Making Decisions
Decisions don’t make you, you make them. Put away fear and listen to your gut.
When bad thing happen, you’re usually stuck with a choice or decision. I felt like, if i choose the wrong thing I wouldn’t be able to deal with it. This recording was amazing and inspiring. We are human. We can adapt to so many things. so this really did calm me down.
Making a big decision
Great ideas on how to make some of life’s big decisions. I will return to this next time I have a big decision to make.
Walter J
Some excellent points on a Decision making! 1) trust your gut, it has bio transmitters that are tuned into frequencies that we cannot see but are there. 2)stop fearing making bad decision. Make the best one you can and work to make it right! Learn from it if it’s not right. 3) make value based decisions based on YOUR values not someone else’s. Not sure if that’s what she said but that’s what I heard or at least I can remember! Good stuff!! ❤️☮️
That took so much worries off my shoulders, it taught me what I should follow and still be happy.
“Gut instinct” is so important in making decisions. I didn’t realize our bodies have neural networks within the heart and GI tract, but it makes sense. There is such wisdom within our bodies, and we can learn to be more in tune with that wisdom!
Perfect timing
Great reminder 🙏🏽 Feeling resistance to a particular decision should guide you as to the decision you make. Reminding myself of my values and being true in whether the situation or decision to be made is aligned with those.
J. P.
Today been nice day
I felt easy and ready to wor. I have positive energy and I'm happy, please God for all day I be just like now, my family, too. Tnx Aura a lot! 💙☀️
Work anger
I come home from work tired and angry, and my poor dog does nothing but love me. I find it so hard to love him back as much as he loves me. On my days off it’s fine.
The body often knows something that the mind doesn’t. Love this.
Making decision
I believe I get so caught up into fear that I think my decision, if made wrong will be the end of the world. when sometimes you have to fall in order to get up and look at thing from a different perspective. Key points •Go with your instincts •Notice your involuntary reaction when decisions been made •Coach yourself, know that what’s ever to come you will be able to cope with it and grow from it
Seasonal alignment
I feel I have to remain true to myself to make any decisions in my near future. This was an excellent reminder that I need to obtain my values and re identify them at this time in order to establish this truth of self. As frightening and difficult all options may seem— there is no wrong one in this life
Making A Big Decision
I learned that sometimes it’s better to go with your gut instinct and these choices may seems huge at the time but they are just bumps along your mountain.
No neutrality
Great coaching today on making decisions. I think its time to take a written self inventory and solidify my core values. Let’s not let fear decide our direction and experience. The idea that there are neural links around the heart and stomach, make perfect sense! Follow your gut. Don’t confuse fear and your instincts. There’s a quote not sure who it’s author is but goes something like this. “You cant be neutral on a moving train”. In other words life keeps pushing us forward. Doesn’t it make sense to choose our path rather than end up somewhere stagnant. Decisions, decisions!
Making big decisions.
I learned that it’s okay to be unsure of the future and it’s okay to go with what feels right FOR ME. You can’t please everyone all the time. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but that’s okay. That’s life. And it’s okay.
I learnd that it is better to decide on my own than waiting that somethings happend an do my decision
Making the next move
I realized that I need to do what I feel in my heart is right for me and stop thinking of what others will think or how it will affect them. This is my life and I need to do what makes me happy.
I noticed that even I feel like I’m too tired to work out I always feel 100 times better after
I learned to let things wash over me rather than let them niggle at me
Hard for me to make them. This is what I stress over. Listening to your gut is a great idea but sometimes it just clenches and doesn’t lead me anywhere. Hoping to make the best choice......
I have been pondering a big decision in my life lately. This helped a lot and I really related to it
I learned that it is not going to be easy, but to trust my gut instinct and always think about what is best for me, not others.
I understand the affirmations proscribed in this session, but I don’t feel that I can truly accomplish needed tasks or attain goals without certain prerequisites being met first! I am trying and will continue to try, for myself and my family. It’s going to take a lot more effort on my part to continue on a path forward! I’m not entirely certain I have it in me any longer though! I SHOULD be making phone calls and emailing estimates to a client now, but I'm Interacting in Aura instead. BAD MATT! BAD, BAD MATT!
I learned about neural connections in the gut and around the heart that explain how we feel things we can’t logically explain. Why we feel things in our gut, and those things are real, and should be listened to.
Making decision
Recently I have been contemplating whether I should break up with my boyfriends. Here, I grasped that if I break up with him i can’t cope but it is best for my future. Also, at the same time I am stuck with him for four more years and either way I will be around him. I can either have a relationship or not.
Making big decisions
I learned that I should follow my gut instincts. Take decisions based not out of fear but out of what we truly desire.
I am petrified of making decisions. As a young and married woman, I have a lot of change on my horizon over the next few years that has given me significant anxiety. This simple advice for decision making really brought me peace. There are no “shoulds” only decisions that align or don’t align with my values.
Knowing what needs to be done
I can see that i have a fear to make a certain decision but i need to trust my gut, it WILL be ok
Trust your gut
Make decisions that are aligned with ur values. People are adaptable and resilient so i dont need to worry about doing whats best for others
I like the survival approach. A good morning starter
I learned that it’s the same for everyone and we weren’t designed to feel burnt out everyday
they can shape your life so you should always take the safe path and trust your gut because it’s your life and you should do good in it and help others
College stress
I don’t have to stress as much about huge decisions in my life and I my decisions can come from my gut and my guiding lines that will tell me wether something is right or wrong
We are able to...
I learned that it’s ok to have problems in our life and we should practice to overcome them...
Life Decisions
This lesson really hit home for me. Over the past several months, I've been struggling with the idea of whether I should leave my current job or not. When I accepted the position, I thought it was the best choice for me at the time and I still believe that it was. However, it required me to uproot my life to a new location and I had to leave my family and friends behind in order to do so. After being here for over a year, I know that I don't have a passion for what my doing, but fear has kept me from leaving. I've been worried that I'm making a mistake if I leave, but my anxiety and stress levels have been at an all-time high. This lesson has re-affirmed me that it's ok to listen to your gut instinct and, ultimately, you have to do what's best for you.
Make Decisions
I should not be making decisions based on what I feel, but based on what I truly want. Need to listen to my gut more.
I want to follow my dreams so bad
I’ve been thinking about moving out of my parents’ house and cutting ties with them for a very long time but haven’t been able to because I’ve made no progress in going anywhere with college education or jobs.
am i the same?
i can’t really tell how i felt about this. i think i’d rather meditate.
Decision Decision Decision
Just do it....stop procrastinating! You will manage the consequences later
The grass is greener
I signed up for a year of service in March. Now a job posting has me questioning this decision. Should I stay or should I go? Fundamentally this is about being time rich & money poor. I am distracted trying to decide. I have decided that my decision needs to reflect my values. My reason for leaving was based upon fear.
Making decisions
Decisions are very difficult for me. I always weigh the pros and cons but then I focus too much on the beyond the “decision” the consequences whether negative or positive. It’s always the big life decisions like after college what will I do with my degree, the decision and of getting married, the decision to carry whether to make people happy or not. Even if I’m making the right choices for me now. This podcast gave some great points to help ease the process of decision making thanks!
How I feel
I have learned that life is about big choices but that doesn’t mean that it has to be stressful....breathe think and trust your heart.
How i feel right now
Maybe I should make this life decision. But maybe I shouldn’t. These thoughts are eating me alive and this sorta helped. I had a clearing my mind sense that helped me realize that I need to keep myself happy above all, but I’m a people pleaser. And I cannot create unhappiness in anyone and I dont know how to cope w the fact I would.
Everything is going to be alright
it's okay to feel not okay. breathe in and breathe out. everything is going to be fine..
Making big decisions.
I felt a huge sigh of relief. I tend to carry a huge weight on my shoulders. I sometimes forget that my current situation isn’t permanent. Right now, I’m learning to truly let go of someone and look forward to what God has in store for me and trust that it will all make sense. It gives me a little anxiety but I know deep down what I need to do. There is a reason why things aren’t working out between us. It’s time for me to stop dwelling on the past, the pain and move on completely.
Making Big Decisions
Thank you for these insights. I often get stuck at the “right or wrong” and “should or want to” stages. I also appreciated the suggestion to pretend to make the decision and reflect on what the consequences might be. Yes, we are adaptable but fear can interfere with decisions. Thanks again for giving me some direction.🙏🏻
Decision making
I will cope. Dan will cope. We will be okay. No matter what happens, no matter what decisions we make, we will be okay. We are adaptable and resilient and we have power to make the best of any situation. We will be okay. We will be okay. We will be okay.
I felt rly said when I said it’s ok it’s alright
I miss my friends and my actual home I went there today and I wanted to stay I like the place here where I am now but I don’t feel like it will be forever
We make Decisions every day of our lives. Some are easy, and some are not. I feel like having some one at your side will make these decisions easier for you. But if that person is not a good one, then your decision won’t be good either.
I like that this mentioned how humans are adaptable. any choice we make will be what was meant to be. I have to remember that I need to make choices for the greater good of me and what will make me happy. I’m tired of suffering because I had this massive plan that was too big for my life to take on. Each season that passes shows me what I’m capable of and what I am not. I need to be more forgiving and understanding of myself, past self, and future self and live in the moment the best way that is meant for me, an no one else but me.
I felt like this was speaking directly to me.
I can sometime soon worry so much about the possible outcomes (good and bad), I may make no decision or procrastinate too much. I have to learn to listen to my gut and I can cope with any decision.
Making big decisions..
This mindfulness session honestly helped me a bunch. I haven’t been active on Aura lately due to well.. a big life decision. For others it may not seem grand, but it’s very tough to chose what I want to do in this circumstance. Moving on, this session helped me in keeping calm and directing myself towards the good. And what makes me happy. Definitely re listening tomorrow to start on a good track for the day:)
I learnt that making goals is very important for achieving important things in your life
Self searching
It’s very surprising how much happier you can be after finding your personal purpose, I learned that today and after thinking about it, it’s very comforting.
Wasn’t planning on listening to this, but just popped up as the next thing in the queue. Incredible that it was exactly what I needed to hear like it was tailored for me. Very grateful to listen to this “on accident”!
I noticed...
That I should be with be someone who wants me and will truly love me. Someone who will respect me. I should think with my mind not heart.
Day 2
I learned that all human beings can express how they feel and that they can always be honest with each other.
This really helped me as I am going thru something complicated at this time. This helped give me some perspective that I need.
Obviously I have to correlate my decisions with what I want for myself and my life and stop overthinking decisions.
It was re-confirmed that i need to listen to my gut bc I can cope with things that i think i can’t cope with
Not happy in my marriage
I really don’t want to be married anymore but I have kids and I need help while I’m school.
This helped me understand why I’m dragging my feet on switching to a career that I love...Fear.
I find myself frequently being indecisive; this short podcast helped me to narrow down the big picture questions that I should be asking myself during these situations. Additionally, I now feel more at ease about the fact that I will face large decisions in the future.
I feel that I do fear the consequences and so no action is made at all.
I have learned that fear is an false emotion that has been made real and therefore paralyzes any progress
Trust Your Gut!
Trust your gut, know your values, and know that you will be able to cope with the result of your decision. I’ll be applying these 3 factors in times of indecision. More faith and trust in myself, keeping my intentions pure. Things will always work in my favor... Great Session. 🏁
I felt reassured in the big decisions I’ve recently made! I feel that even though I moved to the middle of nowhere without any utilities and having to collect water from a spring 15 miles away I have done what is right for me and for my soulmate!
Preparing for a big decision about work. What do I fear: not being valued a
Not being valued being overworked Not being secure Not being paid enough Having to travel when not ready Being stuck
Alicia, yes, a simple powerful message! Gut, value, adapt! Frames a tough decision! Talks well to risk and safety net! Thanks.
The hardest decision I ever had to make
My sweet fur baby Bebe lived to be 17 years 5 months and 14 days. She was my best friend, my child, my guardian angel and my Oxytocin provider. All my stress would melt away with her, she brought me joy and endless happiness. The day came where kidney disease took over and she was not able to move around without my help. I did everything I could to comfort and care for her. With the advice of a vet, I had to make the hardest decision of my life, it’s time to let her go. Fear overcame my body, my soul felt crushed, but the love and compassion that I had for her was stronger. The morning of 9/8/2020 as hurricane winds blew around my house, Dr. Rogers helped with what was breaking my heart to be a moment of respect and peace with my sweet Angel. 6377 nights and billions of purrs I had with her, I still question my decision, but I know that it was the right decision to make.
I have been feeling a move towards a new life but not exactly sure what is going to happen. I am actually ok with not knowing. I found myself doing the things she described in the meditation and it is so helpful.
I feel that i am getting better at keeping my anxieties at bay
Keeping Anixety under conrol
I learned that I am excited at a starting a new relationship and a new beginning for this time in my life. I am ready for my soulmate. Through many relationships I have learned that the old me went away with them. They weren’t bad because I grew with each one, now I’m ready to really love someone and my time is coming. I just need to be patient. Everything will be ok.
I need to stop second guessing myself over every decision I make. I need to stop thinking that I have to be perfect and not allowed to make mistakes.