Understanding what I’m letting go
I learned that there can be a hidden wall that stops us from changing. The identity we have given ourselves. I am 20 years old right now, living with my family, and running a business that I’m growing. One of my near future goals is to move out, maybe in a year or two. I noticed that might be paying lip-service subconsciously. I am doing the necessary work and actions, but I haven’t let go of the love I receive from my home. My family. Moving out means no more free food. No more home gym. No more free laundry. While consciously I know moving out is the change I want, my subconscious didn’t. After listening to this session, I am going to visualize daily. I’ll see myself in my new apartment. I’ll envision myself taking responsibility for my entire well-being and new lifestyle. The best part... I’ll still see my family giving me love, support, and maybe a free meal once in awhile. Thank you, Tina! PS. I actually thought this was a meditation session, but Tina kept talking, so I looked at my phone again and saw it wasn’t 😆😂