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Make Peace with the Past Meditation

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Milan “Vee” Vracaric
Breathwork and Meditation Teacher
Free yourself from the burdens of the past. Learn how to accept the past, how to learn from it, and how to make it work for you, instead of against you. It will take time, but if you practice this meditation regularly, you will be more empowered and free!
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Make peace with your past
I prefer guided meditations that are actionable in the moment
The Past
I need to have gratitude for the pain in order to heal. I have to forgive previous versions of me, even if it was just yesterday.
Forgiving my past self
I learned that I reacted to pain in the best way that I could in those moments. There were no, “should haves,” or, “could haves,” that would have prevented those experiences. So I need to forgive myself for just being in those moments.
Great meditation thank you so much, I’ve been meditating off and on for more than 40 years and I got so much from this one. I will never forget your word of love and healing
I can let go of the pain and learn to heal and move on thank you so much
Power of Gratitude in Making Peace with the Past
Learn the lessons worth learning from the past. Accept what you cannot change and change what you can about the present. Find gratitude in all parts of the journey. That’s where you’ll find peace.
My past
I learned that my past is having a very big effect on my present self, I realised that I have not healed but rather put away a part of myself along with the harsh memories, I felt so sorry for my past self and what I went through and so much compassion for that version of me who had to go through it all on her own. It helped me to see this is the reason I never ask for help, it has become a coping mechanism for me to make people think that I am ok when I’m not I even convinced myself I was ok, so that I won’t have anyone feel sorry for what I went through, because I blamed myself for what happened to me, I felt I didn’t deserve to have anyone help me. I felt like it was my fault so I must go through that pain alone and not let anyone see or know. And I pushed aside my pain in order to get my children back home with me. I came to this app because I lost my sense of self and my own feelings. In the corner of my mind the past was trying to enter my mind but I kept shutting the door, it’s going to be along road from here to finally free myself from this. A very long road unfortunately.
True Pain Recovery
I have experienced a lot of pain in my past and recent present. The current pain is sprouting from my past pain. This meditation helped me so much with just the one sitting. I actually began crying before he said it was OK to. I could feel it all. Thank you for this. It truly helped. I will stick to this meditation every night. 🙏
Amazing, so good and highly recommend
At first I thought I was listening to Barry White and was waiting for him to say “ The First, The Last, My Everything”. Which after listening to this and reflecting on it is quite appropriate really. This is definitely my go to meditation when the physical and mental pain that I’ve suffered with for over 20 years gets too much…… 🙏 NAMASTE
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