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Magical Morning - Calm And Grounded

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Liesl van der Hoven
Meditation Teacher, Artist and Author
Becoming grounded can help you to release overwhelming thoughts and refocus your attention in the present moment. This meditation will gently guide you through the process of reconnecting with your body, to help you slow down your thoughts and bring you into the Here and Now. Now you can face your day with calm, centered awareness. Background music: Meditation Impromptu 03 by Kevin MacLeod.
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Thanks for
This... I just want to invite you all to do this with me! Have a Groovy week, everyone! ☕️☮️🐝☮️☕️
Sarah Elizabeth
Magical Morning-Staying Grounded
One phrase that stood out to me was “constant.” The breath is focusing factor that draws the attention away from your thoughts, almost as a vehicle shuttling your energy in a more positive destination. The line “you have a constant supply of air” stopped me in my tracks. Such a simple, and yet all powerful and life sustaining element, air. Perhaps it’s just my morning excitement, but that subtle reminder gave me an empowered strength to battle whatever comes my way today. Thank you, S
Life Giving Air
That resonated with my this morning. I’m so sick at the moment and this was the perfect soft morning meditation I needed.
Magical Morning - Calm and Grounded
It is Sunday morning and my day is packed with errands and commitments that both fulfill me and could become overwhelming should I think of all there is ahead of me at once. This meditation created the space of calm and balance. Provided clarity and the knowing and wisdom of “one thing at a time. I am grateful I watched the sunrise, complete d one task and then gave myself the time to complete this meditation. I am grounded. Thank you. 🙏❤️🤍💛
I felt relaxed during this serie of morning meditation. I liked it and will follow.
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