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Magical Morning - Be Kind To Yourself

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Liesl van der Hoven
Meditation Teacher, Artist and Author
This meditation will help you discover how you can treat yourself with kindness today. You will be gently guided through the process of checking in with your body, mind, and heart. By paying attention to how you are feeling, you can become aware of ways to be kind to yourself throughout the rest of your day. Background music: Meditation Impromptu 03 by Kevin MacLeod.
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Magical Morning - Be Kind To Yourself
I experienced a most peaceful, loving approach to beginning my day with awareness of where my body, mind and heart are at and providing all of me with the moments of attention I deserve. Thank you. An absolutely beautiful meditation. ❤️🤍💛🙏
Be kind to myself 💕
I have time and space for my self care. I have my favorite aroma to do this medication. I feel relaxed and energized. I feel grateful.
Self Care-Kindness
My intention for today will be to check in with my mind, body, and heart to see what it needs. Showing kindness to myself is a great form of self care that I can do throughout the day. This will help to keep my mind, body, and spirit nourished as well as my cup full.
First medication session
I can feel peaceful with deep breathing techniques. And it is important to have compassion on myself and to love myself
Intentional mindset
I learned that I was experiencing an habitual mental state to the thought of a whole day at my in-laws. Reminded myself I love and care for these people and I can approach with peace and goodwill and the chance for connection vs apprehension over how long the day could be.
Be kind
Breathing works so well to calm down my mind. For sure i will be struggeling with the kindness for me for all day long, because feeling tired and exhausted complicate the feelings.
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