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Magical Morning - A Fresh Start

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Liesl van der Hoven
Meditation Teacher, Artist and Author
Release what no longer serves you, and move into the new day with a fresh intention. This meditation will gently guide you through the process of letting go of thoughts or feelings from the past that may be bothering you. You are then guided to choose your own intention that will help guide your words and actions throughout the new day. Background music: Meditation Impromptu 03 by Kevin MacLeod.
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11 reflections
I felt I noticed calmness and intention.
I learned that focusing on the present is so important. Although it may be challenging to focus, once you do, it makes a big difference.
A brief and lovely meditation
I grounded myself and focused my energy on an intention of the day — peace and presence. I feel illuminated after this quick morning meditation.
I need to relax and focus
It’s going to be alright and take it one moment at a time I am my creator
I am on time
I need to be intentional with my efforts to be on time. Purposeful. Respectful to clients to be on time. Punctuality is the courtesy of kings. I respect others’ time.
Good morning! 🌞
Moving into a new day with fresh intentions! Sounds good to me! Let's go!!!!
Changing in breathing
Normally I only feel my belly rise when I’m breathing but today I also felt my lungs in my chest and it felt awesome. I was in touch with my heart!
I am able to calm down during breathing. My intentions for today is to be kind, motivated for my child and to find hapinness on daily basic tasks. Wish me luck.
I noticed I felt more connected when I participated with my body and mind instead of just listening
I learned that I can attempt to focus and be present better in my life and practice.
Mornings bedt for meditation I can choose my mindset and my intention for the day gratitude in evenings
I feel detached still and a bit numb. I find it hard to experience real joy. I see it - I see the beauty and the awe of my surroundings and rationally appreciate it. But I don’t seem able to feel it.
Good morning!
I loved this so much. ❤️ A fresh start to this magical morning. My body is filled with fresh air, sunlight, and tranquil feelings. As the sun shines through my open window overlooking a pond, I delight in the birds singing their songs. My new plants are in the sunshine upon the window sill. Soaking up the sun and fresh air. I can't help but smile. My coffee awaits beside me. I can smell the delicious aroma. What a beautiful morning nature has given me. I hope you all find something to smile about today. I am a grateful woman. 🪴🌞🌻🕊️🩷
Sticking to your own commitment to yourself is a phrase I will regularly remind myself
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