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Magical Moments All is Well

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Sometimes we all need a little reminder that all is well and everything is unfolding beautifully for you! Cheers!
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The universe has a plan
I learned that no matter how I feel about what is happening in any particular present moment , if it’s part of a larger plan that the universe has for me. If I exhibit gratitude, and look for things in my life to be grateful for, I will realize that the universe has provided me with everything I have asked for and everything I need to succeed.
All is well
I learned that the world is open to me. I am not a victim circumstance. Whatever is happening in my life is for a reason. All is well. All good things come in their time. This last statement, is especially important for me to remember , since I have a tendency to want all the good things in my life to happen immediately. I must keep in mind that everything which is supposed to happen in my life will happen whether I want it initially or not. It will all work out well i in the end, so long as I embrace the present. I will try not to dwell on the past, as is my habit. I also learned that whatever bad things are happening will pass because they’re part of a big picture plan which is ultimately for good.
Magical moments
I need to embrace this life. I have been given this path for a reason.
All is well
Wow! I did this mediation 5 months ago and it popped up for me again today. I wanted to let you know that I started an amazing new job last Monday! It will bring amazing new things to my life
Teena your words always inspire me. I love your message in this and most anything else. Thanks.
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Best session yet
I needed this and I was able to incorporate it into my life and it was just some words I needed to hear and I could associate them with my personal beliefs and feelings and interactions with people places and things thoughts and ideas other etc.
I feel like this is bullshit
I mean how can you tell a person who experience trauma that „everything what happend was the best for you”. We should learn how to deal with the past but we also need to understand not everything happens for a reason.
5 minute break
A five minute break is so nice to feel better and less overwhelmed! Thanks
Positive thoughts
I need to focus on what’s going right not what’s wrong. Sit back and look at all you’ve accomplished and what’s happening in the moment that’s additive
A Ok.
I’m loved and really “felt” this one. God Bless. I needed this on Mother’s Day.
Needed this
I’ve been questioning things in my life and this ensured me to really keep pushing forward even harder because this too shall pass. Thank you.