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Lucy And The Weeds

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Gardening is a great analogy for how we work with our minds - listen to find out just one way!
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Happy to say
I don't believe I truly have any deep-rooted habits to overcome! I have some small personality quirks which I need to work on though! I am a procrastinator for sure! It's one of the things I'm working to banish as I can.
Lucy and the Weeds
I enjoyed the story and agree that the longer you practice bad habits, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of them. However, I think it can still be done after many years, given the proper training and lots of practice. Yes, this is the voice of experience! As I listened to the story, I was reminded of Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker I learned lots from in the 1980s. He suggested thinking of negative thoughts as weeds in our garden (a/k/a our mind) and advised weeding that garden daily.
Habits can be good or bad, not all need to be pulled out as tiny weeds. As I am working to relearn patterns of relationships that became unhealthy habits, I am seeing the power of adding new habits that bring me happiness. Mindfulness, gratitudes, breathing, intentionally being in the moment. These are easy things to do, and over time and with practice, they have become rooted. I may take a break when life tosses hard things my way, but I have always come back to those places of comfort that bring me peace. And from that new patterning of my view of life, that new way I am in my life, I have found love beyond measure. Love in fullness and honesty and unconditionality that I didn’t know existed. It found me.
Lucy and the weeds
I learned this morning to handle my situation one step at a time. To see my habits when they are small and nip them early! one major one is trying to plan a night time ritual. I plan on a time and blow it every night. I need to work on this!
This was my first of your stories, Jiva. Nice life lesson🙏🏻
Great Story-Deep Meaning☀️🌱🌺🌸
This is a short yet thought-provoking story. I love the narrators voice on all these tracks: she sounds calm & soothing, allowing her words to capture your attention and think, “Where is this going?” The life lesson at the end is quite simple; but often timed, the most simple technique seems to be the most complex to place into action (IMHO). Definitely worth listening to ... give it a try!
Lucy and the weeds
I started out anticipating enjoyment and learning from Jiva, but also thinking I done this one before. I noticed that instead of just listening, my mind kept jumping ahead trying to figure out how it would end. And, to my surprise, I noticed this time that only half listening is a weed I’ve grown for many years! I’m gonna need some heavy equipment to remove that weed!! First time I listened to this, I thought of Brian Tracy teaching instead thinking about how I’ve not done a great job in my garden. Glad I listened again!
I was thoroughly surprised, but delighted by the message that they had to offer. Coming from the perspective of youth was also quite fresh too.
Walter J
I was just Speaching on this subject the other day about how our habits eventually define us, so we really need to be careful which ones we allow to develop, or in this case, grow. I really love the simplicity of this story, powerfully true but yet it is easily understood by young & old. And it seems the Energy field around us right now is multiplying the effect, especially with bad habits so... B Careful! ❤️☮️🍀
Bad habits I've taken place in for years will be hard to overcome. it will take work.
Roots are everywhere ...
And most people do not even know or want to realize how their I-do-it-later or why-does-everything-need-to-be-put-in-the-same-spot approaches make life harder for themselves. By doing little by little all the time the right thing you can achieve great things!
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