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Lovingkindness Chant Pali - feel the vibration

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Chanting in the original language such as Pali and Sanskrit can be powerful. Feel the vibration as you chant and aspire for all beings to be happy including yourself. Open our capacity to forgive, to let go, to heal ourselves and others.
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11 reflections
Chanting calming
Thinking about the meaning of the words I chanted gave me a sense of calmness and I’m feeling very content right now. Thanks you Karuna🙏
Lovingkindness chant
This was my first time on this channel and at first I was wishing it hadn’t started with a chant. Then, I reminded myself not to judge something I had never even heard! I like the idea of lovingkindness and ended up liking the chant, too! I think my intention needs to be practicing being curious and open.
Lovingkindness chant
I enjoyed listening to this meditation again and want to learn it. I never thought I’d want to chant. Surprising that we can learn to open our minds even later in life. Thank you, Aura!
Generating Loving Kindness 💓
I could feel my heart chakra opening and glowing during this meditation! Namaste 🙏🏻 I will definitely do this more.
Beautiful Thought
One can feel powerful by knowing that this is the chant you released into the universe ❣️. Absolutely beautiful. 🙏🏼
Good Vibrations
On this World Kindness Day, I wanted to listen to a loving kindness meditation. This one from Karuna was especially interesting, as we learn to chant the words, ‘may all beings be happy’ in the ancient Indian language of Pali. Each time I repeated this chant out to the Universe, I could feel the powerful vibrations swell up in my throat and my chest. Repeating this chant out to the Universe, my heart center filled with light and warmth. I can’t remember the exact words in Pali of this loving kindness chant. However, I remember the ‘flow’ of how it went and how good the vibrations felt while I chanted. I will continue to hum this beautiful chant out to the Universe throughout this day, this World Kindness Day! May All Beings Be Happy!!! Namaste...☮️❤️🙏🏻
Loving Kindness
At first chanting the words of “may we all be happy” in the ancient Indian Pali language felt a little awkward. However after a couple of moments I could feel my heart opening up spreading loving kindness out into the universe. What an incredible beautiful feeling! May we all be well, happy, and kind to one another today.❤️🙏😀
High Vibrations
Sitting in an upright posture, I followed Kauna’s voice in chanting this beautiful mantra. Each time I recited this chant, high vibrations arose in my throat. Each time I recited this chant, I noticed my heart open to loving kindness toward myself, those closest to me, those for whom I feel antipathy and all sentient beings. May all beings be happy! 😁 Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I learn that we should remain positive throughout adversity. That being positive attracts good thing
I learned that i should be more aware of who wants me good, and me more present for them, love them and recognise them. I learned that my heart has to be in peace
I learned that awareness of the present moment brings clarity It has opened a new window for me
Oh I love this! I have chanted in Sanskrit but never in Pali. Thank you and may you be happy
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