Love and Acceptance
Loving kindness or metta meditations are a great way to feel love and connection with others. In this wonderful meditation, we are asked to think of someone who genuinely cares about us and we genuinely feel the same way about them. Getting comfortable in my chair, I felt how was my body being held by the Earth in this moment. Bringing to mind someone I genuinely care about and wishing them freedom from suffering, I felt my heart space gleam with love. Having her say those heartfelt wishes back to me, I felt the unique connection that we have where no judgements exist. Only acceptance exists. As I go about my day, these feelings gleaming in my heart space will guide me to do everything out of love and acceptance. We can learn a lot from participating in metta meditations. They have the ability to shift our feelings. They have the ability to remind us that we are never, truly alone. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️