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Loving Your Body Meditation

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Donny Ells
Storytelling Expert, Narrator
This meditation will allow your mind to let go of the day and stresses while telling us to love our Body. Feel refreshed and renewed.
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4 reflections
Appreciating my body
This meditation suits me well. Appreciating my body is a skill which I need to improve. I have a physical disability. As a result , I sometimes get down on myself because of the extra energy it takes to move my body. This usually leaves me feeling very frustrated. Consequently, it was nice to hear Life coach reply but my body doesn’t have to be like everybody else’s. My favorite part of the practice would win the life coach brought up appreciate in your arms, because it gives you the ability to hug your loved ones. This made me think of not only my family and friends in general, For whom I am very grateful, but also many people who I have Met through my experience I’m living with a disability. Having a disability has giving me the opportunity to form Meaningful relationships with people I feel I would not otherwise know. These include family and personal friends Who live with disabilities, their families, and people both disabled and Non-disabled whom I have Met through various activities designed for disabled people. It helps me to appreciate my body as it is, when I think about how much these individual relationships have improvedAnd enriched my life.
Love you body
I learned not to only love my body but to be thankful for my feet ,legs without that how would I be able to move around. Alot of times we don't like who we are but our bodies have our own unique shape that's perfect . I'm still learning to love my body but I must say every day I love it more and more no matter the size
It calmed me. I started thinking about old friends
I do appreciate my body. I always have. I need to show myself and my body more respect.
So right
I have endometriosis. It’s always me hating my body for what it can’t do. I went hiking today and I didn’t even think to thank my body for what it CAN do. Like my feet and legs, how they allow me to hike almost every weekend. Something I’m so passionate about. I really have to be aware more often of what I’m capable of.
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