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Loving Kindness for Self and Others

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A short mindfulness practice of wishing loving-kindness for one's self and others.
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Racing thoights
While saying nice things about someone I love, I realized my thoughts began to race of all the bad and good experiences with this person . This is when I started pausing between my inhales and exhales to become more aware of my moment and slow my thoughts. It worked.
Warmth and Love
The warmth of kindness and love flows naturally outward from within when I align myself properly. Using the exterior as my inspiration I find the energy to bring that warmth into myself and out to the universe. Beautiful
Sometimes self love can be difficult to create on its own, but cultivating love from that which I feel for someone else was so overwhelming and powerful. Thank you 🙏🏻
My soul feels refreshed and rested. Allowing myself to feel all emotions and accepting what is and then releasing all that is Awesome!
Always nice to be reminded of practicing love and kindness. I feel joy after 3 minutes of this meditation. Thank you
An Unbreakable Bond
I imagined Taku, my guest brother back in high school. We met again after 9 years in Japan. I learned to take time to appreciate a friend's presence especially who is sincere of his intentions. There is a bond between us that kept us connected regardless of the changing seasons. I'd like to keep it that way.
She is, therefore I am
I'm an honest man, so I'm writing this prematurely. I didn't finish the exercise, but it asked to focus on the person who brings you the most joy. I hope my "testimonies" aren't taking on a pattern of hardships. Yes I speak about negative or seemingly bad things that have happened, but please understand...this is the joy, wonder and enlightenment that ensued. My wife of 30 years, and my partner of 40. We met 17 (me) & 15 (her) and she has been my center since. She's walked beside me when I was upright. Allowed me to lean on her when I was weary. She's even carried me when I couldn't go on. Where she was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago. I was putting up a good front, but her strength, determination and love for life carried me through. She's given me 4 amazing daughters who have given me 6 wonderful grandchildren, and four new sons all of which I love as if they were my own. So, though I didn't finish (because my wife was distracting me ) I heard enough say this.
I learned that... She and I are safe She and I are peaceful She and I amongst all the chaos and hardships...together we live, and love is ease. Thank you Aura!
Jess 🖤
May we all live with ease
Beautifully said. Beautiful words. Truly helped to remain living in the present :)
Sharing love
This is one of my fav meditations. Thinking of a loved one, placing my hand over my heart and saying the things for both of us. This actually touched me so much I cried!
Wishing well
I like that this reminded that I can bless others no matter where they are or what they are doing. And that in so doing, I'm bringing goodness back to myself. That's not why I do it but knowing that is a nice bonus.
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