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Loving Kindness

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This loving kindness (metta) meditation will help you foster a sense of goodwill and loving kindness, and direct it towards yourself and others.
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Feeling neutral, it’s okay 👌
Repeating kind phrases to myself and others put me in a calm state of mind, I actually drifted off for a few minutes. Focusing on both my belly and chest while breathing helped relax my whole body. I needed 3 meditation sessions last night, the 3rd one was a charm. I feel neutral now, but I’m okay with that. Thanks 🙏 Aura
I am grateful for the traffic that allowed me the opportunity to practice this meditation.
I learned that opportunity can come from anywhere. This traffic gave me the time to practice my meditation which helped me let go of the anger I was harboring today.
Loving kindness 8718
It is easier for me to give love, kindness, forgiveness, to others than it is to give these three precious and crucial attributes to myself. Am I that less important than my loved ones ?? No. Not really. I will meditate on the possible reasons I have deep within myself to discover the reasons why what I give freely to others I withhold from myself. How much more I can give others when I am able to grant loving kindness to me.
Lovely experience!
This was just what I needed at this very moment, I feel so relaxed and calm. My feeling just went from good to very good and I think I’ll try to remain this way for the rest of the day. Thanks 🙏 Aura
Like everyone else, this helped me integrate my feelings for my friends and family into my daily life. I'll be thinking about this today!
Loving kindness
Gentle , clear, sincere, very calming and very useful to me in a most personal way.
Loving Kindness
If any of you are feeling a sense of distress over the events of the past few weeks, I recommend this meditation. It directs loving kindness first to the self with the reminder that we cannot send loving kindness to others and the world unless our own cups are overflowing. Whichever meditation you choose, let’s overflow our own cups with loving kindness and then send loving kindness out into the world. The world needs us; we can make a difference. 💕💕💕
Loving kindness
On Thanksgiving it seems appropriate to feel loving kindness to others. Let us all try to feel this same loving kindness everyday. That is part of the path of mindfulness and enlightenment.
Terribly distracted
Had trouble following along with this evening’s daughters burst into my room laden with laundry from the wash, arguing about something or other. Of course, as usual, ignoring my directive that when I have my earpods in my ears in the evening, iPhone in hand, I'm having my Aura time and expect quiet and privacy. Ah! Kids! Gotta’ love them! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I meditated loving kindness
I meditated love and kindness today, and as i did I thought of Ryan. As much as he had hurt me in the past, it was the past. I practice loving kindness with him in mind in hopes that he will find that in life. I hope to learn to forgive him someday. I think it’s slowly going to come, I just need to practice this more. I learned though this that I do not need to keep hate in my heart for someone. As I sat meditating loving kindness for him I cried... I feel as though crying makes the heart stronger. Perhaps this is myself making changes toward the start of moving on and a new beginning of myself I never knew i had.
Sending love and kindness to myself
For awhile I always grew up blaming myself for my parents unhappiness with each other, I hated myself and I thought no one else would be able to love me. Today with loving kindness I sent love to my little self, my inner child who grew up thinking she was to blame for everything and I hugged her, and I told her she was loved. And that I loved her. Years of self hating may not be easy to undo, but I am determined to change my mindset. I am learning that my outlook on life was wrong and that I do need to learn to live myself.
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