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Love Your Life Now!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
There is no such thing as a life that is better than yours. In our society, we are so busy chasing a better life that we never stop and enjoy our current life. Take a moment today to look around and take inventory of what is going right in your life. Learn the art of being happy now.
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5 reflections
Happy NOW
Thank you so much for this track. It is such a great wake up call for myself and to help me understand the struggles others are going through
Let me Be happy now
On my journey to my desires and dreams I must be happy and grateful for my current life.
I've got to love my life right now. Not only accept it, but enjoy it!
I tend to postpone my happyness. I'll be happy when my children leave the house. I'll be happy when I find a partner... I made wring decisions in the past and now I choose not available partners. To protect myself from me acting boundaryless in a relationship, I suppose...
Negative focus
I spend a lot of time looking at my perceived weaknesses, thus I focus on what I perceive to be others flaws. When I feel bad, I forget that there are parts of me that are feeling good. I focus on the negatives. I want to rewire my brain.
Loving life
I love my life right now! Exactly the way it is. I live in the present moment all the time. I choose happiness. If I stray off that path, it's not hard for me to get myself right back there again.