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Love Notes To Myself (Inspired Wisdom)

4 Min
Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This prose of inspired wisdom is to help you feel confident in living your truth and to follow a path that allows you to live life to the fullest. A perfect mantra to begin each day with! "Your life continues to be more and more amazing." Namaste! Love Dorothy
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11 reflections
Dorothy does it again! This powerful life coaching session is filled with inspiration, wisdom and truth. I listened to the 7 minute version and have marked it as a favorite so that I can listen again, soon. 🙏♥️💕
Walter J
This may be the most perfect meditation I have heard on Aura so far!!! The quality & fullness of her voice, the background music and even the extended pause at the end to let it all soak in... it all works perfectly... Well done Dorothy! Then there is her message... WOW!! Powerfully Poignant & on Point !! I took to heart the phrase she used... “Notice Love 1st...” Love is the language of the Universe and is”spoken” by everything, everyone, every electron... In fact I believe there is only Love and different degrees of lack of Love. When we are completely full of Love there is no room for judgment or anger or any other emotion. We are Love! For me this is what mindfulness really stands for... our “Mind Full of Love” and only Love. The goal is to limit distractions and instantly & constantly refill our mind full of Love. Then we can communicate with the Universe on all levels and bring peace to our world! Then watch your L.U.C.K. change!! ❤️☮️🍀
I just can’t say it enough how much I L•O•V•E this meditation💓 This one is by far my favorite and the one that helps me the most! Her voice is just what my mind needs. I love Dorothy! 🧘‍♀️💕
Wow! This Life Coaching session from Dorothy is truly one of my favorites by far! Her words are so powerful and yet, simple. LOVE speaks all languages, therefore LOVE is the international language. Take each day and make it your own. Live your best day. Do not take anything for granted. Shrug the small things in life. Do not allow them to get in the way of your own happiness. Be light to yourself and others. Allow LOVE to guide you through life. There are so many things I personally take away from this. I loved when Dorothy said, “Let yourself shine each day. Take no prisoners, which means that there is no need to hold onto anything that bothers you. Everything has a solution. You just to need to find it”. After hearing that, I was reminded of a part of a John Lennon song, where he sings, “...there are no problems, only solutions...”. Amazing! This is a Life Coaching session that will remain on my favorites and I recommend everyone to take the time to listen. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️❤️🙏🏻
Love Notes to Myself...♥️
Did this meditation with my husband and it made us both feel really good. My husband said that is a good reminder of perspective and that there’s something about Dorothy and what she says in this meditation that is just so uplifting and fulfilling. My favorite for sure!
Strong Sense of Peace
It is my choice to feel content, to find beauty in all things and to project those nuances to others🌏
Honestly this is my favorite session thus far! I wanna listen to it everyday! This is definitely a session to listen to everyday!!
Excellent inspiring message on telling us we have the ability from within to achieve anything we want to in this life. It all starts with love. Shine your light bright. Take one step today towards achieving your goals.
I was reminded of my solution based mind and how I can find peace in any situation.
I absolutely loved this..
Dorothy gives such a calm positivity to my mind I feel I need to go back and listen again and absorb it all and hold it strong in my heart. Thankyou 💝💝💝
I have always felt forgotten
That makes me sad I will open my mind to ways to love myself again
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