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Love, Lust, and Miracles

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Let this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM inspire you to curate miracles in your love relationship - and to do this now! The miracle in love - is that your partner knows you intimately and respectfully; and that you both continue to learn about one another for as long as you are together; that you are both able to hold up a mirror to one another - revealing what you see that helps each of you examine aspects of your self from a deeply honest and self vulnerable place; and that you both can do this for each other in ways that honor who you both are.    TWO PRACTICES for Curating a Deeper Level of Communication In Your LOVE RELATIONSHIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrYAiHYLgRk&feature=youtu.be
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20 reflections
Totally blessed
This session completely describes the twenty years I've been blessed to have with my beautiful, funny, smart, quick, and clever best friend! She recognized when I was suffering from a stroke and saved my life! She’s stood with me through my long, horrible recovery. She helped me fulfill my long dream of fatherhood! She’s my partner in all things, at all times, and I love her more with each passing day! We do truly know each other better than we know ourselves! It’s scary and beautiful...just like my bride!😬(and OH! The nipple-pinch I’d get if she were to see what I just wrote!🤣)
Choose your tribe
Get close and comfortable with the people around you. You need to feel safe and yourself to have a happy lifestyle and having people who except that is great.
Buildup and Resentment
I learned that, by not speaking what I need to at the moment, I am letting it build up as resentment and that affects my mentality, communication, energy, and relationships. Blunt communication can lead to less frustration and a healthier relationship
Walter J
Dorothy does a great job explaining the mysteries of love, lust and living with a spouse. Apparently I have been doing most of what she suggests as I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage to my first wife this year. Now if only my wife would listen to this! JK! We have a unique relationship because we laugh about the goofiest things, do movie quotes when we can and have days where we just do not want to talk (or even see each other) But it always come back to the saying “this too shall pass!” And a couple days later we are laughing again. Marriage can be infuriating, frustrating and full of disappointment but so can a job or a even a sporting event. But a marriage can also be a fulfilling, nurturing and full of lust that can blow your mind. I am Thankful for my short memory, her long patience and a loving caring wife that truly needs me as much as I want her. More love, not less (to do an Aura quote) is the answer. Oh the miracles of taking your wedding vows seriously... ❤️💍🍀
I learned that I what I say matters and it's okay to talk about problems.
I have a compulsion to make things better and reframe from mentioning things that would impose a problem. But it's not bad to talk about our problems.
Love, lust and miracles
There is so much more to a relationship than just love. Love is what brought you together but respect and mutual goals are what keep you together.
Keys to true love
Remain grateful everyday for that kind of love. What is needed to have and maintain the love I have always wanted. That deep connection and unconditional love is how a relationship should and will be shared. Build on the simple beginning of a relationship with the right values to thrive.
it's ok to feel this way. it's understandable I feel this way ☺️
I was reminded to own my own feelings and acknowledge others feelings. I cannot change others feeling but I have control over my own
I learned that you have to look at your lover with open eyes open heart and open mind. Forgiveness. We forgive to set ourselves free but we still replay that moment. It doesn’t go away. How do you let go and move forward? Or on? Love, you love someone whole. Everything. But you do need TRUST KINDNESS RESPECT COMMUNICATION OPENNESS if you don’t THEN YOU CANNOT CANNOT MAKE A miracle YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BUILD ON. You can’t be fully happy without that.
Worn blue jeans
All the time and effort I put into my favorite pair of blue jeans that are so soft and fit so nice I need to do the same with my relationship
this meditation engulfed me in the sensation of feeling loved, being loved, and having love for someone. it opened my heart to receive love that i may have neglected and has made me want to act out of love towards others ❤️
I noticed when we have the elements inside us we feel balanced.
When we feel unbalanced, One of the elements is missing. For me fire has been missing and Imad’s masculinity puts fire in me. The fire keeps me balanced and full of love. Actually, makes me feel ecstasy.
I gewl like this message is just what i needed . It was for me righr now.
Im learning to love someone i love. And im learning to show respect for my feelings.
Day One
I learned that my gratitude for my husband must be acted on afresh each day.
The difference in love and lust what you really need in a real relationship
This hit home. I’m currently facing marital issues so , hearing this has softened my heart. I have to open my soul to the unconditional love I know I have for him and help us both heal as a couple. This is a very hard time in my life but, things like this surly give me hope.
Alison Fribourg
lust & love
I learned that lust and love come in phases and moments within a relationship but love it’s an deep long commitment to your partner that can only be successful if your honest and present through it
Ouch, my heart.
My relationship does not have this. I can’t imagine being vulnerable in front of him, as he has used this against me in the past. I hope we can work towards something sacred like what was described in this session.
I learned that my husband and I have this kind of love but I’m not appreciating it like I should. I’m taking it for granted