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Love for Myself and Others (14 min)

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Anxious? Self-conscious? Feeling down? Practising love for yourself and others can help us feel confident, warm, loved, kind and centred again.
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Sharing love with all
What a great practice. Sharing loving thoughts and wishes with yourself, loved ones, strangers, neighbors, your country and finally the world. So uplifting!
Love 💞Love💕Love💞
Good morning today I'm going to tell you my story. I'm gonna talk about Love. There are so many types of Love. I believe as a small baby you are Shown Felt Taught how to Love but your first teachers in life your parents siblings and family. You learn how to give Love and receive Love. You're taught how to Love yourself by your family teaching you how to take care of yourself. I was taught how to pray at a young age and how to tell God that I Love him and I don't thank him for my family. Then you start to growing up and you find other things you start to Love a favorite subject in school a sport a hobby a boy. Then you Fall In Love then you find yourself in unity of marriage wow what a Love that is. Then you find out you're going to have a baby and you have your baby what a Beautiful type of Love that is. Then you find out you're going to become a grandparent. I was in the delivery room when my granddaughter was born and the doctor gave me her first before my daughter. The love a grandparent house for gran The love a grandparent has for a grandchild is so special. I am a mother of 6 age range is 26 to 3 years old yes I do have 3 grandchildren age ranges 10 to 1 years old. I was a teenage mom I had my oldest at the age of 15 my husband and I have been together for 28 years since I was a baby teenager of course he is older than I am so he joined the Marine Corps and we got married before he left with my parents approval because I was pregnant. Anyways I found my true Love. I thank God for my blessings. There are lots of different Loves out there.💞💕💞Enjoy your day💞💕💞
Oh my! What a wonderful meditation!!
I was able to embrace myself, my loved ones, and the world. I wrapped my love, joy, peace, and ease around them. The positive energy that was created is amazing. The light within me is shining outward on this day and affecting all that I do and all whom I meet. Life is wonderful.
Excellent practice
This is the very first time I selected to feel excellent after a meditation method. This surely on the top of my list for recommendations.
Return to the Path
I didn't get what I'd hoped out of this one- not because I didn't feel the words or the love but because I feel a bit distracted. Other thoughts kept invading this space Im trying to carve out for myself which is how the weekend has been. I choose to not hold onto the thoughts nor to hold myself to perfection. I don't cling to them but allow them to pass through and return to the path. I will not obsess over them. Ill return to this meditation again.
Love for myself and others
This is at least the third time that a loving kindness meditation has been brought to me this week. Thank to you for reminding me that I need to fill myself with love and to love others. No matter what! May you be well....
This meditation
...was probably the most impactful of those I have experienced in Aura. I will be going back to this well again and again.
Total relaxation
I love this meditation! I was able to completely relax and envision someone I love and my neighbors and send them love. It felt good.
Filled with lovingkindness
I’ve always loved lovingkindness meditations — it was one of the first types of meditations that made me go aha! when I was learning to meditate 25+ years ago. This one filled me with a sense of peace early and I thought it was just another pleasant meditation when WHOOSH — about the time we started expanding out from our neighborhood, I was filled to overflowing with love and compassion. Powerful stuff. Feeling so grateful for this experience this morning.
Loving Kindness
Beautiful meditation to start my day with. It left me with an uplifting feeling of loving kindness for myself as well as sending that energy out into the universe for others. May we all be well, happy, and filled with peace.❤️🙏
Loving Kindness
Thank you for this beautiful meditation. It felt good to recognize all the love that has surrounded me past and present. Hoping to share this love a little more each day Namaste 🙏
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