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Loosening The Web of Anger

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
How can mindfulness add you to working with anger? Let this meditation guide you in recognizing anger and how to work with it in a beneficial and healing way.
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3 reflections
Won Sun
Anger is a friend
I learned that all my emotions are part of me that have their purposes. My anger is here for a reason. I was afraid to be angry. I refused to admit that I was angry. When I listening to this audio, I saw that this time, my anger is about a sense of loss. I am losing something and I feel helpless. So I become angry because I refuse to accept that feeling of helplessness and sadness. I do not want to accept that there are things that I cannot change. Now that I started a dialog with my anger, I learned to see my anger as a friend, and it is a telling me how much the thing I am losing meant to me. The angrier I am, the more it means to me. Thank you, my anger. I hear you.
Web of anger,
I became so peaceful I was surprised when The meditation came to the end. A very welcome focus!🪻
Fire and Fury
It felt perilous to relive the anger. I find myself in anger often, though I now understand that I engage it when I am denied the space to be heard or understood. It felt like a fire in my heart - an infernal molten core of barely-contained fury about to erupt through these balled-up fists and the tops of my lungs. Reflecting on the feeling through meditation will never resolve the conflict, but it at least grants one a modicum of clarity to understand its purpose.
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