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Load Your Battery

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Feeling a little empty? Then refill yourself. Get new energy in your body. Refresh yourself.
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Load your battery
Breathing and drawing energy up through your body from the earth. Visualizing myself slowly filling myself up from bottom to top with earth energy. Irene you have the most imaginative meditations battery today and vacuum a week back. Thank you.
Little boost 👍
I needed a little boost at work, this is a short and effective session. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Reload yourself
Feeling empty inside? Then reload yourself. Meditate and feel the energy coming back....
Being charged by the 🌏
If I think of my body as a battery then I can be refueled my energy can be restored little by little I imagined myself filling with warm tingling energy. Loving beautiful energies and as it reached the top of my head I thought I am full not just with this energy harnessed from the earth but full of beauty 🧘🏼‍♀️🔋💖🕉 Thank you.<3
I thought this meditation was quite powerful. Short and sweet, but I could feel a recharging by the earths energy entering my body. At the end, I felt like clenching my fists, raising my arms and screaming “oh, yeah”. I also loved the background music. Thank you, Irene. 🙏
Powerful Sunday 2-18-18
Wow! Thank you, Aura! Thank you, my beautiful friend, Patty for passing on this meditation. I loved the music. I didn’t want to stop filling up my battery. I was so content in the space I was in. Great meditation for the day. Have a great day, Everyone!😀
God's Energy
The energy we pull through our feet from the ground is God's energy. What can stop you when you are filled and recharged with God's energy? Nothing 😊Namaste
Reload tour self
Easy short effective meditation to get your energy back in your body.
orchestra rehearsal
a semicircle of chair filled the stage they trickled in slowly a horn player in the back row the timpani man over in the corner thumping on the big kettle drums a slender violinist took her seat in the first row and placed her music on the stand by the time the conductor walked on stage a cacophony of musical notes filled the auditorium she stepped up on the podium and the place went silent the slender violinist stood and faced the orchestra someone played an A note everyone tuned to it the concert master nodded and took her seat “OK we’re going to start with West Side Story” the conductor said I couldn’t believe I was listening to a bunch of high school students They were that good
Load your battery
This was a refreshing experience for the body and mind, a very calming meditation.
We are like batteries
The lesson today was a good metaphor for people; we are a lot like batteries because whenever we do too much or if a bad life event happens our batteries burn out but whenever we stay relaxed or a good life event happens we find batteries to be charge up
Powering Up
Simple effective meditation to boost your energy. This meditation has been my go to for a quick pick me up when I am hitting that mid afternoon slump. Visualizing the earth as an energy source, I place my feet firmly on the ground to plug into this source like a power outlet. Breathing deeply into this power source, I feel new energy starting at my feet working it’s way to the top of my head. I am feeling refreshed, grounded, and motivated to head to the park for an afternoon run. Connecting with nature on my run as I focus on my breath will continue to bring in new fresh chi into my mind, body, and spirit which equals more positive energy radiating throughout my whole being.
Woke up very tight and hesitant wondering how I will make it through my training this morning. I am so filled with Energy right now that I may add three sets after class has ended!!
A simple and quick way to boost your energy, especially in the late afternoon. I felt much more motivation after practicing this.
My battery
After completing this I realized I did have a lack of energy this morning. This was good.