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Living In A Different Frequency!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
We all live in the same world, but our frequencies will determine if we interact with one another. Law of Attraction, like Gravity, is an exact law that means if your dominant frequency is positive, then you will not dominantly rendezvous with negative people.
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7 reflections
Keeping that frequency vibration up
This was amazing. Thank you for this. It’s easy to get down and frustrated and we forget to realize some things we can’t change. But there’s so many miracles around us if we just look around.
Back in alignment
I needed this reminder that I get to choose and also that I am a co-creator !
Your story about people living in different frequencies was a learning tool for me to actually picture an example of how it all works. It will be interesting to interact with others and see how that feels. Do they notice me being the new and improved Jen? Am I able to mindfully practice all I've learned?
Life happens for us.
Thank you for this reminder. Stay plugged in and we can move forward know matter what life throws at us. Many times I backslide on this, but trying to remind myself daily
Stay plugged in
Stay plugged in, regardless of what chaos life throws at you. We can’t control what goes on in the outside world, but we can control our internal state. There’s always gonna be adversity, curveballs, or things that you didn’t want to happen or  didn’t see you coming. Be happy anyways be grateful anyways, be in alignment. Anyways we have the ability to manifest miracles on a regular basis. Choose to stay plugged into an abundant frequency. Don’t let Life dictate how you feel and how your frequency will be you put your frequency into the world  regardless of the outcome, regardless of what chaos is happening around you.
Stay positive
The universe is conspiring for good. Towards our abundance. We can complain to we can see the new path that the universe is creating for us that leads to something better.
Wow! Perfect timing !
I learned that I just wasted 4 months being so distraught and depressed due to my disability took me out of work. I just completed my first year after being diagnosed and 14 surgeries, to be defeated by my body. Now I’m released and my employer won’t accommodate my disability. I just learned so much from your words! I know I was working in a toxic environment and this is a blessing! I can’t control the world but can control myself and how I react! I know there is a reason and I will step out of my negativity and look on the positive side knowing that there are great things out in the world! My negativity and depression got me nowhere and deserve to be happy with myself for trying every day and bump it up!! Thank you this was perfect timing!
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