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Live As Love. Do These 3 Things.

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"A heartfelt plan if you looking to reconnect with yourself, and as you grow along your spiritual path." These three best practices are designed to help you start each day on a balanced and right basis; changing your perspective and focusing on what matters most. If you’ve been wondering how you can bring more joy, more love, more light into your life, these three best practices are how you open yourself to God's source. You open yourself to live as the divine; as the energy of pure and unconditional love; as you hold the deliberate intention and as you open your heart to this. Embody the practice of living as love.
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Live as Love ❤️
I'm exploring myself, and all aspects of how I live my life. And how I want to live it now with a mindful and open awareness of each moment. I'm excited about it! Where will it take me? Who am I becoming? Thank you, Dorothy.
Tom Hall
ThatI have a lifetime of love in me, breath, focus and desire to present is all that I need