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Listening To Sounds (12 min)

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Feeling tense? Over-focused? Mindfulness of sounds can help our attention soften and our minds relax. A great antidote to working on screens.
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FAA-AMT method
I learned that by taking a 10 minute break at the end of every hour helps in resetting the mind and body so I go out for fresh air and breath.
I learned mornings are best for me
Before my day gets hectic with noise, people, and tasks - if I meditate and relax - control my breathing, I control the entire day and keep it in perspective.
Amazing thinking.
While you do a meditation. You can think about anything on top of focusing on the meditation. So multitasking is easy, because the meditation is bringing you concentration and as it fills up you can squeeze on it by having another thought on the side.... well with experience you can do it.
After Intense Morning Cardio
By tuning all my senses out but my hearing & focusing solely on the sounds around me I was able to lower my heart rate drastically. This also allowed me to tune out the burning sensation radiating throughout my muscles from my 30 minute high intensity cardio workout & allowed the energy to flow out of my body - while I was only focused on the sounds around me. This is an amazing way to rejuvenate your body as well as your mind.
Sound meditation
Even when I don’t feel like meditating or my wanders it okay as it is a practice and I need to train myself to do it daily
Listening to Sounds
I was surprised at how much this 10 minute meditation affected my mood in a positive way. It also personally challenged me to be more mindful about how I listen to others, especially when they need to share things which are important to them. They deserve an active listener, which is something that is all too easily ignored.
Years ago in one of my college courses I wrote an essay about listening with the heart. Although my listening these days is through the filter of tinnitus and during the 12 minutes the most prevalent sounds in my quiet home were of the English Mastiff snoring by my side, the meditation brought back the memories of my studies about the importance of listening with our hearts instead of our ears. I personally enjoyed this meditation but beware that if you are doing this in s quiet space, it is easy for your mind to drift or to 😴 💤 .
Basic awareness of sounds - I must try to purely focus on sounds and not drift off on a tangent of thoughts. Not so easy. RAP Awareness,
Awareness of sounds
Found my self lost in thought and jolted back to the practice when Lyndi spoke. I also almost fell asleep. Will have to try again another day.
Sounds Around Us
This meditation was about being aware of the sounds around us. I was in a completely relaxed state until Lyndi’s voice returned. Then I became anxious. I started to relax again. And, then again at the end her voice again with an unnecessary explanation of the meditation took me out of a relaxed state.
Wow, this is the most relaxed I’ve been able to get in a long time. My legs feel limp and the chest pain due to overthinking/anxiety and overconcern for the outside noise/meanings/future is gone. I can teach myself to value the present and just being in the body and in the same way in my mind.
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