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Listen to Your Body

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
Use sensation, breath and awareness to listen to what your body is telling you. What does it need? What does it want? The physical body is a mirror of the emotional body. Listen to what it has to say.
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Listen to my body
I felt tension in my shoulders lessen. Aching in my back diminish. My mind calm.
Listening to my body
In doing this practice, I noticed but my legs are very stiff, my stomach is sore, and I was very tired. I believe this is my body telling me I need to relax more and not push myself so hard. This is not at all surprising ,considering I am very guilty of pushing my body past its limits. All too often , I get it into my head but I have to get 1 million things done. I end up neglecting my messages my body is trying to send me. This meditation will help me not to do so.
Listen to body
Thank you for this short mediation Alice - kick started me today. This has helped me realise that whilst my mind is pushed hard at work - my physical body is getting older and telling me I need to move and exercise more to keep it fit and healthy - the stiffness in joints etc is because working from home, I’ve fallen into the trap of not exercising or keeping my body strong - I am going to start to change that from today X
Sometimes it helps just to take a moment and process what your body is telling you, to give it time. We’re often in such a rush we think “I don’t have time for…” or “it doesn’t matter if…” but the messages your body tries to send you are important, and we should listen to them—even if we can only spare a few moments.
I need to really listen to the messages. I am tired but I think it is more than that... I need to honor my body and rest from worry
Listen to your body
This is a great way to stop and just focus on yourself and your body. Listening to what it’s trying to tell you. We all need a pause and to relax from time to time!
It was a good start to try this app
I learned how I can think during a mediation. How I can think about my Body and mind
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