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Liquid Mind Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Meditation for Women
Our minds can fill up with thoughts so easily, spinning with all the details of life, worries and planning that can quickly overwhelm us. Meditation becomes such a wonderful tool to use to quiet the mind and connect with our soul. So the intention of today’s meditation is to help dissolve all those thoughts in your head, to let your mind be liquid, and to connect you to the peace inside of you.
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Liquid mind
I can relate to the issue of my mind being all over the place. In fact I initially had trouble focusing on the meditation . It took me more than one try. However, once I was able to imagine my mind is flowing water in my thoughts dissolving it call me it became easier to close my eyes, focus on the rise and fall of my chest, and be aware of the air coming in and out of my nose. Now I have a solution for the next time my mind cannot focus. I am grateful for the people who work for this app for putting this together , Thank you. I am also grateful for the community on the Aura. Thank you for taking the time to read this post . I hope everyone is OK happy and well. 
Walter J
Relaxing ...
Such a calming voice... found it very easy to relax and follow her suggestions. Not sure I had many thoughts, guess that is the idea...not get attached to anything but just observe... so another Aura success... 👍🏼😑🍀
Settle Into Stillness
Taken hostage by the many thoughts in our mind creates havoc on our well-being. Dissociated with our body, we are cut off from the ebb and flow of the present moment and the constant expansion and contraction of our breath. Running around on autopilot, we are missing out on so much without even realizing it. In this meditation, we observe those thoughts dissolving into water so we can settle into stillness. Getting comfortable, I found my breath waiting for me. Connecting to it, I sensed my body relax. Being a witness, I noticed thoughts bouncing off one another making for a magnificent painting in my mind. Going back to my breath, I began taking in deeper breaths, filling and expanding my lungs and belly. Visualizing my body as an ocean, my in breath and out breath created ripples of waves. With my mind filled with water, those thoughts came into my consciousness and then quickly disappeared. In the ebb and flow of the present moment, I am unattached, I am free. Settled into stillness, I felt an awakening of beautiful sensations fill my heart. Gratitude. Love. Joy. Peace. Thank you for this beautiful experience, Katie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
To connect with my soul best, I must clear my mind of all my busy thoughts.
To connect with my soul best, I must clear my mind of all my busy thoughts.
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