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Lions Breath: Let Go Of Toxins & Tension

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Lions Breath is a yogic breath that assists in relieving tension in the face and throat energy center. As we exhale we eliminate carbon dioxide and toxins from our body, we also stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system leading toward a calmer state of being. This breath is an inhale through the nose and a forceful exhale through the mouth with the tongue extending out as much as you can towards the chin. It also helps relieve face and neck tension, as well as stimulates our throat chakra…the energy center for self-expression. Do you sometimes have the inability to express yourself and speak your truth…then get caught up in frustration with ruminating thoughts? Take a few minutes of your time and try this breath for moments of relief.
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The lions breath technique is an easy way to let go of any toxins or tension throughout your body. I feel lighter and centered. I am ready to begin my day.
Different and new
I am not sure what to expect once I tried this practice as it was my first time and my throat chakra gets blocked occasionally. This breathing practice felt weird and odd while practicing it because it was new. At the end of the session I was ready to repeat it as I could feel the shift in my throat and neck. Something new and different to add my practice. Thank you