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Like a Mountain

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Cultivating our capacity to be resilient and stable like a mountain, in the face of change.
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Like a Mountain
I have a new favorite! I always enjoy Lynda’s meditations but, this one really spoke to me. It will stay with me through the day since her words will remain in my mind during my yoga practice when I perform mountain pose. Who wouldn’t want to be strong, resilient and grounded like a mountain? Calm, while change is going on all around us. We too, can face the storms in our lives just like a mountain, still, strong and accepting. Enjoy your day everyone!
Twenty years on
It's been more that twenty years since I lived on the mountain, yet I can still vividly recall the sights, sounds, and peaceful feelings of that place. I sometimes yearn for those simple days, before all of the life that I have built here by the ocean. I would NEVER give up the things I have built here, my wife, my children, my life...but to be back in the serene, peace of the mountain! AH! What a great time in my life!
Like a Mountain
Still one of my favorite meditations. Who doesn’t want to be strong and resilient like a mountain. Change all around us but, not bothered by it. To be at peace with oneself in whatever the circumstance.
Like a Mountain
Even though we feel happiness, peace, turbulence & contentment, we are always the same strong person. Wonderful meditation!♥️
A quick quietener
This has become my favorite in the middle of a hectic day. It brings me inner quiet and energy to start over and over again.
I used some visualization with this meditation and felt calm, loved and embraced by me. 🥰
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
This was wonderful.
I loved the visualization. I’m from the Catskills, so it was easy to envision a particular mountain range in all of the settings described here. Thank you for a wonderful morning meditation, as always! ☀️ 🏔
I have spent the whole evening with my very good friend Mike Moore. Mike has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Although he is all in serenity and good place with it, I felt humbled and lucky to share happiness in the moment with him.
Like a mountain
Lovely voice. 😊 Really relaxed me. To anyone who is reading this, I hope you have an amazing day, night, week, year and life. May luck be on your side, and only good things shall come to those who are true of heart 💕thanks for reading :)
A part of everything
Feel everything around you and understand that you are part of something bigger -you are part of the trees that grow beneath our soil, you are part of the mountains that peak to the sky, you are part of the air that brings life. Ground yourself and understand that you matter, but the circumstances that you were, are or even will be in don’t define you as a person; how you decide to tackle any obstacle DOES define you. Remember that everything changes, and what you’re going through it’s just a phase.
Adapting to Change
When we use our breath as an anchor to ground ourselves during times of change or difficulty, like a mountain we remain strong and resilient adapting to whatever is coming our way. I am feeling grounded and ready to tackle my day.💪 🏔
Imagining myself as more of a dormant volcano in this moment. As quite a fiery (I like to think passionate 😂) person, I think this type of mountain best describes me. Dormant and calm in my meditation.
Like a Mountain
This is fantastic! I said similar things to my yoga classes this weekend. In this time if uncertainty be grounded and lift up. Remember that you can practice this feeling by standing like a mountain at any time during your day
Ain't no mountain high enough
Stoic. Unwavering. Strong. All qualities of nature's majestic structures. Oh to be like them. Unfazed by the incessant change. The ongoing seasons. The transient weather. The passing of time. The mountains do not hold themselves up any differently, regardless of brutal temperatures or people stomping all over them. They maintain their composure, solid as a rock, and proudly hold their heads up high with their chests out. Ready to take on whatever nature may throw their way. May we do our best to learn from them.
Ugh I have this really bad headache and I thought meditation would relieve it ugh it did everything but that! Gonna try this again tomorrow with a clear head
Inside the mountain
The only way I could visualize this was that I’m inside the mountain. Like the mountain is protecting me but I’m free to come and go but finally always safe if I just trust the mountain
The mountain
I liked this meditation. I was able to be the mountain easily and see the seasons around me change. Day and night flashed past. A grounding meditation to return to.
Staying calm and centered through changes around you is important. This is good because that can be a challenge.
Our imagination is a very powerful and amazing thing; without it the world would be a very dull and dark place, we wouldn’t have all the creative and great people we do today. A mountain is a perfect metaphor for us as humans because just like a mountain we too can be just as rocky and sharp when something bad happens to us but we can also be just a beautiful and still too
I felt heavy
That i actually may be able to do this. Except i don’t like to be forced to write so much.
I felt like I am being blown around by so many stressful events lately. This meditation allowed me to feel solid and grounded even in the middle of the chaos surrounding me.
Stillness is equanimity
After stillness, great wisdom ripens. After reaction, the young fruit is picked from the tree. One bites it but will never know it’s full favour.
So beautiful to imagine being a majestic mountain
So grounding and centering to imagine being a majestic mountain. So tall and proud and rooted, watching life unfold, seeing stars rise and set, and the seasons pass.
I feel comfortably grounded
Even after 4 years of yoga I’ve never felt so comfortable or grounded in a seated meditation! I feel amazing and will be adding this to my nightly routine!
Like a Mountain
This was a wondeful way to start my day. I have been practicing mountain more often in my yoga classes but this mediation was everything I have been looking for
Like a Mountain
Today with this meditation, it made me realize that through all the change that occurs around me, I need to keep my base strong. It is my base that I need to focus on to remain strong and steadfast like a mountain. Opening up my mind to observe all the beauty that occurs with change.
Standing Strong
I can stand strong like the mountain while change unfolds all around me. I was so surprised at my reaction to this concept. It brought me such peace snd makes me want to root myself deeper. My everyday go to concept is to train my body snd mind to climb the mountain and never stop no matter the obstacle. This passage gave me a different perspective which is equally as helpful. I am grateful!
Be like a mountain
A great reminder to be like a mountain. Strong, grounded, steady in the midst of turbulence and change.
Standing still
I learned that it is good to stand still and ground yourself and we don’t always have to be going going going. This is actually reminding me that being still can help me be more active and not reactive.
I loved this meditation. It was a great reminder that I can be an observer of chaos around me and do not have to be in turmoil while everything around me seems to be.
jess 🧡
i really loves this meditation, visualising yourself as a mountain. mountains go through all seasons, tough winds, and cracks, however the mountain is always solid and does not move. throughout all my emotions i will stay rooted like a mountain :)
Easy listening
Simple and subtle, right to the point for a quick relaxation….
Looked at books of art, bounced around, not super focused on breath
During this meditation, I was able to grasp the feeling that I was a big, strong, stable mountain; rooted and centered into the Earth. I was able to see the seasons change, the time change, and the environment change as I stayed grounded like the mountain. It was really great to be able to notice the changes occurring all around myself as I continued to stay centered and powerful like a mountain.