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Light of Loving-Kindness

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Loving-kindness is the essence of a happy life. By generating boundless heart energy for ourselves and others, we open a gateway for more love to flow to us. In this mediation, you'll practice sending love to yourself, a loved one, a neutral person, and finally, the whole world. Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels
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3 reflections
Expanded Heart
Today, my heart feels open and ready to spread love towards everyone I come across. Instead of being reactionary, it feels welcoming, understanding, and loving. What a great meditation to start out the day, opening my heart to all that I may come across.
This was grounding, relaxing and mood lifting.
I can keep this feeling all day and take it to improve the day of others and the General mood wherever I go.
From My Heart To Yours
Loving kindness, or metta, is a beautiful practice that increases our ability to live with our heart wide open. With our heart wide open, we invite more love to enter, which makes it more accessible and abundant to give to others as well as to our own being. In this beautiful meditation, we practice metta by giving well wishes to others, ourselves and finally, to all beings in the world. Getting settled, I became present by listening to sounds in my surroundings. Then I brought someone to my mind whom lights up my soul. This person is my niece. Saying these heartfelt wishes from my heart to hers, I saw her lips form into a smile and her eyes light up with joy. Afterwards, I went back to my center, listening to sounds and felt warmth beginning to fill my heart. Bringing to mind a neutral person, I saw the woman I met while at the veterinary hospital yesterday. Both of our beloved dogs were getting treated inside. As we waited, we had a heartfelt conversation about our dogs conditions as well as the importance of present moment awareness. Saying these heartfelt wishes from my heart to hers, I saw her understandable stress and worries melt from her face. Going back to my center, hearing sounds in my environment, I felt warmth embrace my heart. Visualizing myself sitting on a bench at the park yesterday, I began saying these heartfelt wishes. By the time I finished, I noticed immense warmth embracing my body. Filled with warmth, I took in a deep breath and blew out this mist of warmth to blanket all beings in the world. Seeing all beings pause and smile as they were touched by this mist of warmth, I smiled to myself. Knowing I had just created this ripple effect of metta, I am glowing with light and love! As we embark on a new month, may all beings embrace metta by nourishing themselves and then giving it fully and freely to others! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️🥰