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Light Language Vibration Of Gratitude

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Thank you for choosing to listen to this transmission with an open heart. Feel and receive with your body. Listen to melodies to assist you to feel. Release the need to create meaning with the mind, and take this moment to feel the vibrations with your body. Much love.
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Language of gratitude reaction
I learned that I need more rest than I've been giving my body. When I take care of me I can better show up in this world. Gratitude for all that my body mind and spirit helps me to know I can rest when I need to. I'm going to sleep so I can better show up for my job. Much love ❤️ Rose
When playing these meditations when I'm walking in nature, they feel like they help exponentially more! And they help alot when sitting inside too.
Nature is my Church. I heard Mr. 🪵 woodpecker drumming in a 🌳 🏡.
I knew having an attitude of gratitude was important, but I never thought about being grateful for who I am and what I am becoming. Toxic relationships have tried to destroy my self image, but I am grateful for the lessons I have learned, for the person I am becoming, and for those who are here to help me on my journey 🥰 Namaste
Embodying gratitude
I could feel a gentle and forgiving warmth radiating throughout my body and realigning my mind. I felt a weight on my heart that I thought I had previously released compassionately dissolve and it reminded me that the practice of living in grace from a heartspace of lovingkindness is rooted in both gratitude and the Truth of Spirit: love.
I learned that i can tune into meditatiin when i feel most fragile and uprooted. I was intantaneously grounded and felt a warm blanket of reassurance and comfort while and after listening.
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