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Light Language - Trust In Love Frequency

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
Receive this channeled transmission with an Open Heart. Tune into the frequencies of ‘Trust in Love’. Allow the light language to bypass the linear mind and feel the vibrations and the melodies of the light language to dance in and around your body. Common experiences are tingling sensations, warmth, or coolness in the body, perhaps the need to wriggle and move. Surrender to the flow of energy and become the observer.
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4 reflections
Why this Indian language?
It is not helping people meditate talking Indian.. Do you want to show up as a person who studied spirtual topics there?
I felt my who body tingling it’s amazing
I’m learning to be in tune with my body and breathing into my heart
Light of love meditation
I felt strong, I could feel love without attaching it to a person, or circumstance. It felt freeing. I am drawing my forever love to me so we can enjoy abundance, true companionship, deep passion and a sense of play and adventure together. We are unstoppable and are gentle and kind with each other.
I felt like a fresh flower with dew speckled petals in listening to this meditation. I truly appreciate your time Miss Ivy and for sharing this focused meditation to enhance love within.
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