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Light Language To Reset

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Ivy LoveLanguage
Meditation, Yoga and Energy Facilitator
When you feel you’ve perhaps fallen off track or need a quick realignment, use this light language, feel the frequencies and vibration in your bones and spine. Breathe into your heart space and soften the mind. Feel free to listen with your eyes closed, or perhaps meditate on the channeled language art cover that also resonates the frequency of Reset.
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Reaction to light language to reset meditation
I felt a lovely swirling in my root and mulabundi solar plexus chakras while and after listening. I'm connecting to the true experience of thriving. Thankyou Ivy.
I’ve felt that today several things have reminded me to let go of the past and not hold on to things that no longer benefit me.
Take my lessons and be willing to move on. Don’t keep falling into the same old patterns, When I do feel that way, I need to take a moment to reset….perfect timing with this!! Thanks Ivy🥰
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