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Light Ball

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
This meditation is perfect to do in bed.  It will calm you down and focus on your energy in your body. Relaxation in the body and mind.
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Lightbulb in the night
Nice imagery, Irene. Thanks so much for sharing. We each have the power within us to light our world, and that power can be shared between us, to keep each other going in the tough times. Namaste
I felt happy said my son Eli. My mom said her pain in stomach went away now after this session.
Walter J
Irene had me deep breathing thru my naval almost immediately - which got me Very relaxed. My Aura Energy collected about 6” away from my naval into a swirling ball of greeness light. As it grew bigger & brighter some of it peeled off & shot down thru my legs making them feel so super-charged up... my toes started glowing! My naval ball had gotten bigger & brighter again until it dissipated a bolt up thru my belly, heart & chest and it split up into my arms & flared out thru my hands. I felt like a green human torch from the comic books. I must have passed up to a higher level when the next bolt shot up from my naval ball, thru my chest & into my head. I was instantly outta my body and soaring thru space on a green ray like a comet tail... an eternal second later, or the next Now that I remember I am in my bed hearing “Namaste” from my Hostess with the mostest. Thanks for the ball experience Irene!! 💚☄️🍀
Ball of light. Ball of life.
Focusing on my inner light, I noticed that I felt lighter in my body. Unencumbered. Like the weight on my shoulders had been lifted. I could feel the warmth of the light. I could see the light in the room, even though my eyes were closed. Putting a smile on my face instantly made me feel happy. That biofeedback is an interconnected circle. It highlights how the mind, body and spirit are connected. Biofeedback, if you will. Instantly, I was transported outdoors. Soaking up the sun..feeling its warmth.. and letting go of all of life’s worries, even for just a little bit.
Can’t understand her
I’m sure whatever she’s saying is great I just can’t understand it.
Clea Chloe
I liked the visualization
I find it easier to mediate with a guided meditation with visualization. It helps keep my focus.
I’ve been away from meditation for awhile - I like guided meditations but I did not find her voice calming - in fact she startled me a few times in the short three minutes
I really enjoyed this meditation but I think it would be on that I get more out of if I did it before bed. It’s so calming and relaxing that it made me sleepy so soon after waking up. But it defiantly is relaxing so I will use this before bed or when I am stressed. I learnt that I need for upbeat meditations in the morning and calmer ones in the evening!
jess 🧡
ball of light
tonight i have been feeling a bit agitated and frustrated towards myself and the people around me. having done this meditation it helped me to relax and take a breather from the outside world, radiating positive energies all around me 💗🌍
Light Ball -Inner space
I could sense “the light” emanating from within me: it was clearly a soft, bright white light! A calming light, generated from my body and/or my spirit and perhaps a nearby holy spiritual force! It was kind and peaceful, but pulsing with wondrous hidden powers. I felt a safe, loving force wash over and around me!
I’m gonna let it shine...
Great practice and an important intention for the day- to recognize the light within is and let it shine all day long. Namaste
Walter J
Irene had me in a relaxed state and breathing thru my navel in just a few breathes. I felt this yellowish-orange glow flowing in thru my navel filling my belly with fresh energy. As it started swirling it made its way down thru my legs and into my feet. In my sitting position my whole lower body was glowing as one big ball. Then I felt it growing and expanding upward into my chest and arms. It felt warm & comforting but also electrifying & powerful. As it moved its way up into my head I felt this sensation that I was being pulled up into standing position, spread eagle like the man in Leonardo Divinci’s drawing. I was now glowing bright yellow like a big 5 pointed ⭐️!! I started building my energy, thru my deep breathing until I had the reserves to just radiate - so I let go, of ‘me’ and started to SHINE for the world. Peacefully, gently but somehow powerfully all at the same time... Again I am grateful to Aura for making it possible for Irene to talk this energy thru me and that I have learned to allow myself to be a conduit for it. It is not me, but the ‘X’ that expresses thru me! May we All shine on for the BOM !!(Betterment of Mankind). Namaste, ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️🍀⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
I felt relaxed.
Before she even said what to do, I was already doing it. I felt happy and at peace 😌
Lightness of being
I could not help but be uplifted by this meditation. Smiling all the way through 7 minutes of playful lights and breathing, I had woken in a heavy grey fog. The day ahead is now bright, light and with a tinkly sense of good humour.
Peace and power
My favourite meditation here so far. A golden light, soft yet powerful, emanating from my belly throughout my body. I feel calmer than I have in almost a week. And Irene’s voice helped with that - deep, loving, calm, joyful. Thank you.
Light ball
I learned that I can transport my mind to a peaceful place full of good energy
Ball of Light
In today’s lesson I learned that we all have a ball of light inside of us but in order to use it we must to learn how to use that light not for bad things and negativity but instead for good things and positivity
I learned that I need to draw focus. To gather my focus to narrow it and to focus singularly on one thing.
Ball of Light
This is a piece that I truly feel in my bones. It allows me to actually feel the light and energy I have in me. Today I connected with inner peace that I had when I was younger before I LET the stress of the world whisk me away. I will connect with this energy to keep the light as I bright as I can. Thank you for creating this moment for me. 💕💕💕
Like her voice and accent. It is easy to follow and play with the ball.
Give yourself in and let it flow. No more reflection from my side, even if it‘s too short.
Gratitude for simple things
That was wonderfully energising, centring and calming- beautiful voice and energy, immediately followed for more ...and it was just what I needed on this cold morning to refresh my practice and remind me of what I’ve learned, understand and know already. A brilliant nudge that taught me (again) about the simple things we already know which we can use to help support our journey. Namaste
A lightness in my mind and body
I learned that there is more inside me I need to unlock and embrace
First day
I noticed that it is hard to relax and let go. I am very tense and it feels good to relax.
1st Session With Aura!
i can calm myself down with this meditation whenever i need. this meditation helped calm my mind down and make it less chaotic
Love this one!
So simple, and yet so effective. I love the cadence and tone of the narrator—so calming and yet energizing.
1st meditation lesson
I learned that we can be happy and full of energy in simply 3 minutes :))