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Life Visioning Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
This powerful meditation will support you to gain some valuable perspective on which direction to take in your life. It will also help you create a clear vision for who you want to be and how you want to show up in this world through all you think, say, and do. If clarity is what you seek, then bon appetit! Here are your next steps.
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11 reflections
Guys! This is insane! After doing this meditation yesterday I feel so calm with everything I am doing, knowing that everything will be ok and to enjoy life!
The tunnel
I was scared and wanted to run “in the tunnel”. Afraid of what was behind me, was it physical or emotional or both??? I stayed with it, I was brave. I honestly felt like I was spiraling down in the darkness, then the small light n walked toward it calmly with peace. Minutes after meditation, I was in a state of anxiety, however I was able to somewhat control my breathing. An hour later here I am, relatively calm. Enlightening, yet still confused. Help anyone???
Powerful Insights
This meditation helped me see the fear and anger holding me back, and it gave me the ability to release it. I know that the path is to fill my heart with abundance, success, love, health and happiness. I look forward to doing this meditation again.
Go to meditation
This guided journey is my go to meditation. When I’m looking for something and I’m not sure what it is, I use the track. I have gained so much insight and perspective from the journeys I go on while using this meditation. Thank you for this track.
Really soothing and calming
I realised some areas of my life where I need to make changes - hidden from me before
Walter J
“What a long Strange trip it’s been!” As the Grateful Dead sang in Truckin’! Bradley always has some intense breathing patterns but they work so I do them the best I can. This was an exceptional journey thru a completely dark tunnel to meet my future, incredibly successful self. You have to draw on your courage at first to keep walking when you cannot see the path. I figured I am stepping into the mystery of life with faith I will have a solid path to walk on even if I cannot see it at times. I was right. Then a small light appears way up ahead. I begin to see my feet & start to walk faster excited about what or who is at the end. Then I meet this incredibly cool & good looking guy. He had some kind of major award in his hand, a nice leather satchel and an Indiana Jones type of hat. He was smiling with a twinkle in his eye that told me I was safe with him. He greets me, blesses me and mentally shares some of his wisdom to me. Then I realize I am meeting my future self! All the worries and fears I had felt in life were already overcome by him and he was still here, so none of them were/are worth worrying about. He said to Live every moment & Learn from every experience - Both what to do to get the win and learn what not to do to avoid the loss next time - both are useful for our long term good. Either way keep moving on. Do not dwell on the past but live in the “New Now”! Make this your best Now and then make this your best New Now & repeat. He said do that enough times and you can Become anything you want as he help up his trophy as proof (like he really needed to) - I was already sold. Then Bradley had us stoking up our breath big time like fanning a big flame. This energized the whole scene as colors got more vividly intense, the wind picked up and just as we started to glow, poof he was gone. I smiled as I saw he left the satchel & award behind for me... ❤️🍘🍀
Juan Carlos
Great meditation for a new beginning!
Today I decided to wake up earlier, with an intention on working on myself and having more time to work on the things that are important to me and my career. This was a great meditation to see what is and will be possible...thank you
New Now
Allowing myself to go within, I began to thin the clouds to expose my intuition. Alternating my breath between my mouth and nose using Bradley’s cowabunga breath, I saw a tunnel up ahead in the distance. Getting to the entrance, I felt compelled to go in regardless that the tunnel was pitch black. Thanking all of the blessings and struggles that have gotten me to this New Now, I began to feel excited to go on this journey towards the light. Using this empowering breath to pull me towards this light I saw in the distance, I began walking deeper and deeper into this tunnel. As I got closer to the light, I began to see a figure form. Not knowing what to expect, I still found myself walking curiously towards it. Reaching the light, I was able to see this figure clearly. Looking into her deep blue eyes, I quickly felt an immense love and calmness overcome my body. Realizing that she was my future self, I became grateful for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow. Asking her questions about who I am to be, what I am to create and how to accomplish the things I love to do, I felt a deep seeded fear rise up in my belly. All of the sudden, my future self reached in and pulled that energy out of my belly and I immediately felt at ease. Then she placed her hands over my head and this warm golden light began to fill my body, instilling new thought patterns and beliefs along the way, allowing me to live my best life. Having new clarity, wisdom and trust, I celebrate where I have been and know where I’m headed. Believing that paths are cleared ahead of me, I welcome this New Now. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
This meditation really resonated with me so I shared with my staff in hope that the difficulties are world have gone through can allow the future to be the world we know we can reconstruct.
My fears and doubts cannot hold me back from being the person that I have been and can be again. Very personal experience that I will come back to frequently.
Wow! I literally cried when I heard my future self tell me that “you’ve got this!”
I need to be my own friend first! She told me that there we’ve got this- everything is okay. Let the fear go.
Ga als lichtbaken
Vertrek vanuit mezelf en laat geldovertuigingen los. Blijf mensen hun hart openstellen en hun grenzen verleggen voorbij hun comfortzone. Ik ben een creator dus doe daar expressief je ding mee vanuit je echte authentieke zelf.
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