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Life Falling Apart

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Life during these times are certainly challenging. At some point in our life, we will come up against suffering, when life seems to be falling apart. Perhaps you are experiencing a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a loss of a job, or a change in life circumstances. Explore a practice that may settle you and offer clarity on how to move forward. Visit Coaching Channel - Embrace Your Authentic Self for the coaching session that goes along with this meditation.
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It’s okay to wishful think but remember you can only control so much.
Learn to ride the waves and go with what you can control instead of things you cannot.
falling apart at life
i feel better hearing another’s struggle,,that it’s not my fault and i can’t and don’t have to control my mind current situation. ride it out, everything always works out in perfect time for me, i must only trust my first instinct, and ALWAYS step back from me& the ones or empathic entity feelings that are muddling my initial response, thus causing me to over analyze and find a way to either prove my first instinct wrong, or force myself to push aside my faith within me. i am Divine in my own spirit. do not doubt myself, i am in a spiritual path that will never end, only knowledge and growth from all emotions and interruptions in life good or bad are intended and my free will guides me i choose. so i must pause, receive, resonate, and release. positive self talk to my subconscious whether it changes the issue at hand or not, it changes my inner dialogue. that is where illness starts. #blessedbe #love&light
life falling apart
it is ok to give yourself compassion and grow from mistakes.
Compassion for myself
I will have to try more often placing a hand on my heart and offering compassion to myself as this is not something I have done before. I am full of compassion for others, this often leads to me feeling overwhelmed and why my life may have moments of feeling out of control and falling apart and that I am powerless to help. I need to have compassion for myself and accept what is as we cannot appreciate all the good and positive without the bad & negative.
I felt sadness and relief
I think it’s a very hard reality to accept, but the closest idea to the understanding life we will ever get to.
To focus on that others are suffering too and it's part of life.
Losing everything
I can still go on if I stop trying to control everything and not close myself up to what’s happening
Feel like my life is crumbling
Just got out of a two year relationship and now starting nursing school. Very overwhelmed with both at the moment and it feels like I’m drowning in school work and losing things I care most about. But I now have compassion for myself and I have to understand that life is suffering!
My reaction to events tends to feeling that it is up to me to control or fix, which then leads to frustration, anger and helplessness. By accepting that life is what it is, or particular events are what they are, I can then be mindful and release the need to fix. Outcome: peace
I noticed the widening and softening the container can really help when times are tough. Self and other compassion seems key. And I like what she said about letting go of this image of a perfect life- what really is that anyway?
The hand on the heart
The hand on the heart makes it easier to stay grounded and focus attention inward.
I loved the hand over the heart. Life is very much difficult and sometimes it feels like you might not make it...but somehow, someway year after year you take notice that you’re still here.
Life is Suffering
I’m already so sad, and this just brings me to a deeper degree of sadness. It’s a reality that is true, and answers my question. I ask why? Why does a love so pure, so deep, so innocent be taken from us? Something so precious should be forever lasting. The bigger the love the bigger the loss. I will try to accept this as something I’m ready to handle in life. I miss her so hard, but I understand that even though I am suffering, she is in a place of infinite love and peace. She no longer suffers. I will try to understand, but the loss of my sweet angle is so deeply sad.
Life Falling apart
I feel overwhealmed alot. I learned that I spend to mych time wishing things were different and not enough tine teying to seize oppotunities.
Before listening to this, I was uncontrollably sobbing and just frustrated. I was able to refocus my head and calm down a bit.
Life falling apart
Finding compassion for myself can be very hard. I am extremely hard on myself, even during difficult times. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am undergoing treatment. So this session really resonated with me. It gave me the permission that I needed to just except my feelings as they come and use that to make space for all the feelings I’m having, while not beating myself for feeling sad or mad that I have to go through this.
Life falling apart
G-d bless you Cindy Wolk-Weiss This lesson is my reality. My new reality which has been very hard to except.
Life Falling Apart
We all come up on struggle. How do you manage? Spiritual practice; “Life is struggle”- Buddha There is light WITH dark, good WITH bad, joy WITH sadness... So learn to ride the waves. Offer compassion to yourself instead of berating yourself. Thinking we did something wrong. It’s definitely not a punishment. It is just life as it is. Our tendency is to want things to be different, but our task is to take things as they are and work from here. Soften the need to be perfect: Place your hand on your heart and offer compassion to yourself; breathe deeply, and soften your heart to yourself and others.
I always forget to show myself compassion. This session and the hand on the heart suggestion were helpful
Dearest Cindy,
I so needed to hear your words this morning. Gosh they really touched me and reminded me to see the person in front of me needs to hear those words of kindness. Thank you. I am so saddened to hear that your husbands diagnosis is not curable at present. I rejoice with you that it is treatable. I will hold you both and your families in my heart with prayer that a cure comes when all seems at its lowest and it gives you the strength to keep going forward. May God Bless you and your kindness you offer others, may it be returned to you and your path ahead comes with ease and you stay in the present. Listening to your words gives me much strength that even though we go through pain we should never loose compassion for those around, as we are all going through our own cancer of one kind or another whether diagnostically or metaphorically. For to us our pain and suffering feels no different regardless the cause. Inwardly suffering is suffering and we should not judge on the reason, rather come together and offer kindness to all. Everyone is suffering in some way. Not everyone is shown kindness in the same way. Let us all practice acts of kindness to each other. Your words remind me more than ever in this current season, that kindness is what will see us through as much as treatable diagnosis. Thank you for this reminder it is very grounding. I place my hand on my heart sending you kindest of thoughts. May a cure be found and treatment be effective for your husband. Much love Sammy 🖤💜 May everyone who reads this know that you are being prayed for in the ways you need at present. You are not alone to suffer alone. Reach out, if only to the person in front of you in the mirror and show them kindness for they too are suffering. 🖤💜 P.s I am unsure as to when You aired this session and I pray that since then a cure has been found for your husband to ease your suffering. 🖤💜
Life falling apart
Your level of this is so much higher than mine I hats the first thing I’m thinking xxx thank you for sharing and May peace be with you and your husband. I’m definitely taking your words of wisdom to heart and practice this daily thought thank you xx
I needed this. It makes perfect sense. Great listen. Come back to this when you are down.
Life falling apart
This was me yesterday! I needed to listen to this. I seem to over react sometimes and from that reaction others around me suffer causing me to feel my life is falling apart Thanks again for this session. Definitely a favorite!
I felt okay with giving myself permission to not be perfect in a moment.
Needed this
This served as a great reminder to focus on self-compassion. The emotional pain I’ve been feeling isn’t punishment for my actions, the reason is out of my control. Taking a moment to breathe and understand that life is suffering and we all have those moments makes me feel better.