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Life Falling Apart

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Life during these times are certainly challenging. At some point in our life, we will come up against suffering, when life seems to be falling apart. Perhaps you are experiencing a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a loss of a job, or a change in life circumstances. Explore a practice that may settle you and offer clarity on how to move forward. Visit Coaching Channel - Embrace Your Authentic Self for the coaching session that goes along with this meditation.
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11 reflections
It’s okay to wishful think but remember you can only control so much.
Learn to ride the waves and go with what you can control instead of things you cannot.
falling apart at life
i feel better hearing another’s struggle,,that it’s not my fault and i can’t and don’t have to control my mind current situation. ride it out, everything always works out in perfect time for me, i must only trust my first instinct, and ALWAYS step back from me& the ones or empathic entity feelings that are muddling my initial response, thus causing me to over analyze and find a way to either prove my first instinct wrong, or force myself to push aside my faith within me. i am Divine in my own spirit. do not doubt myself, i am in a spiritual path that will never end, only knowledge and growth from all emotions and interruptions in life good or bad are intended and my free will guides me i choose. so i must pause, receive, resonate, and release. positive self talk to my subconscious whether it changes the issue at hand or not, it changes my inner dialogue. that is where illness starts. #blessedbe #love&light
life falling apart
it is ok to give yourself compassion and grow from mistakes.
Compassion for myself
I will have to try more often placing a hand on my heart and offering compassion to myself as this is not something I have done before. I am full of compassion for others, this often leads to me feeling overwhelmed and why my life may have moments of feeling out of control and falling apart and that I am powerless to help. I need to have compassion for myself and accept what is as we cannot appreciate all the good and positive without the bad & negative.
I felt sadness and relief
I think it’s a very hard reality to accept, but the closest idea to the understanding life we will ever get to.
To focus on that others are suffering too and it's part of life.
Losing everything
I can still go on if I stop trying to control everything and not close myself up to what’s happening
Feel like my life is crumbling
Just got out of a two year relationship and now starting nursing school. Very overwhelmed with both at the moment and it feels like I’m drowning in school work and losing things I care most about. But I now have compassion for myself and I have to understand that life is suffering!
My reaction to events tends to feeling that it is up to me to control or fix, which then leads to frustration, anger and helplessness. By accepting that life is what it is, or particular events are what they are, I can then be mindful and release the need to fix. Outcome: peace
I noticed the widening and softening the container can really help when times are tough. Self and other compassion seems key. And I like what she said about letting go of this image of a perfect life- what really is that anyway?
The hand on the heart
The hand on the heart makes it easier to stay grounded and focus attention inward.
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