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Life Can Change Unexpectedly....

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
We often take life like it is. Do our things we usually do....But what if we have to miss someone unexpectedly...what if life just changes in ones....what if we didn't express our self to our loved ones, friends, family... Learn from this moment...and heal. In memory of Gert-Jan
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Life can change unexpectedly
What if everything just changes? Learn from this meditation and do thing differently from now on....
Being Open With Your Feelings
Irene, once again you bless us with your wisdom in such a gentle manner. You are a magnificent teacher. For many, true forgiveness is never understood or experienced. Neither are feelings of true affection spoken, so that one truly knows their worth and value to you. You have handed us a magnificent guidebook for living and loving. This session teaches us how to live and love without regret. It is true and wonderful and I thank you. 🙏🏻Namaste 🙏🏻
Walter J
What a beautiful visual & healing journey Irene offers us in this session!! I feel relieved, revived and ready for more good stuff to happen in my life. Thanks Irene! Releasing old hurts & negative energy (toward self or others) frees up so much mental & emotional space to allow my love to grow even bigger, stronger & brighter💗 What a motivating an encouraging thought... My visual garden party was quite the happy affair with beautiful flowers & smiling people but my mountain top experience was other-worldly!! So much love Energy pouring into my crown Chakra from the heavens... almost overwhelming... until I realize I just need to share it & give it all away and more will be available to me. And that is what I Am planning to do... starting now! Dear Aura tribe - I am sorry if I have ever hurt anyone of you, that was never my intention! Please forgive me if I have. I know I can get a little emotionally charged up & my fingers do not always type fast enough but I am coming from Love for the Betterment of Mankind. That is my intention anyway. I love you all! Thank you! ❤️☮️🍀
When live changes ...
How will effect it. Can we influed our life? Yes we can and we can expierence it in a different way... a way we konow about but we often forget or just don’t do it...
In the blink of an eye
Beautiful session Irene. Thank you for transforming a heart breaking sudden loss into a message that reminds us of how important it is to reach out to the people who matter and let them know how we feel before it’s too late. And thank you for reminding us of just how precious each moment of life is. That we are all frail vessels. That in the final analysis the only thing that really matters is love.
Only thing we are sure of is that everything can change
We don’t know what tomorrow brings. One moment you are struggeling and the next moment everything is oke... Realize who supports you in life🙏
What if someone just leaves you in life
Did you say everything you wanted? Do you feel sadd, bad or unhappy that you could’t share the thoughts you really had. Learn and do it different now...
I felt loved today
I learned that I can do anything when I put my mind to it.
Taking the Time
Going through the day-to-day of life, we think that we have all the time in the world to say things we’ve been wanting to say, do things we’ve been wanting to do, and then something happens: Life reminds us that death can come at any time. Finding ourselves filled with regrets, wishing we had just one more moment to say all the things we’ve wanted to say to those we love, we feel great sorrow. Because it happened so unexpectedly, I had an extremely difficult time processing my Kayleigh’s departure from this earth. On this one year anniversary, I remember the huge shock, the undeniable pain, the explosive anger, the extreme shame and guilt, as if it were yesterday. You see, the day before, I knew she wasn’t feeling well, but thinking it was minor, I went on with my morning activities. That would prove to be a fatal mistake, as just a mere 24 hours later, her heart stopped beating. Filled with sorrow, I greatly suffered for quite a while, finding myself withdrawing from my loved ones that were right next to me. Knowing that they deserved my attention and love, I promised my girl that I would not neglect their needs as I had hers. I knew the only way to truly heal was to ask for her forgiveness as well as to forgive myself. Through deep reflection, I found the strength and love to do so. Feeling the chains that had taken hold over my heart break, love and wisdom poured in. It took me not giving my undivided attention to my Kayleigh for me to realize the importance of doing so. Learning the hard way to be mindful, to always give my undivided attention to my loved ones, I took these valuable lessons to heart. No longer taking their presence for granted, I take the time to show them my love and appreciation. I take the time to give gratitude. There is no denying how much I love and miss you, my beautiful sunshine. I thank you for showing me what is truly important in this life: Taking the time to Give Love, to Receive Love, to Be Love.