Life Beyond Fear
While it is good to feel secure in life, remaining in our comfort zone can prevent us from trying out new things in life. Anytime we build up the courage, we begin to hear that voice in our head that says, “who am I to do this or that? Or, “if only I wasn’t bounded by this fear, I would do this or that.” Listening to this voice, we soon feel those uncomfortable knots in our stomach rise up and we quickly run back to our comfort zone. Sound familiar? If so, I urge you to listen to this meditation! After listening to some words of wisdom as well as an inspiring poem about fear, Alex teaches us two effective breathing techniques to help us break free from the chains of fear. Both techniques require visualization while the second technique requires us to get vocal on our exhale. After performing both breathing techniques myself, I personally found the second technique to be extremely empowering. Motivated by fear instead of allowing it to shelter us in place, we try out new things. What’s more, when we embrace life to its full, we unconsciously help others around us break out of their comfort zone and try out new things in their own life. Just for a moment, imagine how this could help out our community, our state, our country, our entire world! One collective consciousness, feeling the fear and doing it anyway! We are so much more than our conditioned thoughts lead us to believe. It takes all of us to get beyond our conditioned thoughts and live life beyond fear. Not allowing anything to dim our light, we are unstoppable! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️